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Canned Food Advice

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I currently split one 3 ounce can of wet food between my 2 cats every other day. I've been feeding them Pro Plan wet, as well as Sensible Choice, and just recently Natural Balance.

When I've tried giving them more than half a can they won't eat.

I've read that canned food is better for them, and I would like to feed it everyday. However, I can not afford to feed an expensive brand like Chicken Soup or Natural Balance, etc. every day.

Would I be better off sticking to splitting a can every other day of higher quality food? Or should I get a little lower quality food like Authority, Fancy Feast, etc that I could afford to feed every day.

Right now, they are eating Natural Balance dry food.

Thanks for the advice.
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I don't think authority is bad food or even lower quality than brands like Pro Plan, and I think it's good to give a little every day. Iams has one flavor that I think is really good too, the Chicken Flavor in case you are look for some variety.
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I've never heard that wet food is better then dry! Do you remember where you heard or read that? Maybe I'll just do a search on the internet!

My cat's get about the same amount as yours do. Except Hallie, she gets more because she eats it better and she's had a hard time keeping weight on in the past.

The dry food is good for them too because it helps keep the teeth clean and gums in good condition. I would stick to what you're already doing.
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I'd just keep on as you are doing, or just give a small amount every day - I give each cat only a tablespoon or so of canned food every day, and free-feed the dry food. I buy the 5-ounce cans and refrigerate the rest, warming the leftovers up to a nice temperature in the microwave before serving (check to make sure it's not too hot). The small amount of wet food added to their diet seems to help cut down on hairballs.
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My cats love eating wet food and they come running when they hear the can open. The problem is the next day, if they aren't puking it all up then they have the nastiest, runniest poop I have ever seen. And it just sticks to their long fur and is a big mess. Any suggestions as to why this happens? Should i try a better/different brand of food?
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Sounds like that brand or type of cat food might disagree with them. Different cats seem to prefer different kinds of food...my sensitive-stomach girl seems to do well on the Wellness brand cans. Or you might want to ask your vet for a recommendation - if it's a food sensitivity, your vet can order a special diet for them.
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Jen: Digestive upsets often occur with abrupt diet changes...maybe you giving too much, not often enough (if you don't give it regularly). Otherwise, it could be that they just don't tolerate that particular brand well as the other poster mentioned.
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