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kitten problems with urinating

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Help! I do rescue work and yesterday took in an adorable long hair black and white kitten, approx. 9 months old, female, that the owner was going to have pts.

She has a tendency to urinate on pillows, comforters, rugs on the floor, and sometimes will use the box, this is why the owner was going to put her down. She will also use a sink or bathtub, she would jump on her former owners kitchen counter and pee on the dish rag. Former owner has no other cats, and a small dog only.

I have had her for almost 35 hours and sure enough, about 6 hours ago she started urinating outside the box. My 3 yr old was playing in his bedroom and put his comforter on the floor with his pillow and she wet on the pillow, and then the comforter. She
then jumped on my bed and wet on my comforter. She also peed in my sons bathroom sink.

I had called the owner and asked her some questions, told her what happened, and she wants her girlfriend to come pick her up tomorrow and take her to the humane society, they already have so many cats, I have a feeling in a few days she would be pts.

Any ideas, anything at all I would greatly apprciate. Other than this
problem, she is a very sweet, beautiful young kitten.

Thanks so much.
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I would go to the vet with her to see if she has a infection first , before thinking behavior problem . Cat do that when they have a bladder or other kind of infection going on and it is also very painful for them when they have to pee . So please make a appointment asap for her by the vet .
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I would agree with the vet visit that would be the most important thing to do at this point. Usually anytime a cat is peeing in the bathtub or sinks they have a nasty UTI. Ask the vet to do a needle draw for the urine that is the cleanest catch of bacteria.
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Thank you I will. I hate to see this adorable kitten go to the humane society, I have made the decision that I won't let them have
her back. She is so sweet and pretty, I plan on calling my vet first thing.

Thanks again.
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The vet is the first call to make- but please read this thread as well


Best of luck!
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Thanks Hissy.

I actually read that thread after I posted mine, I guess I should have read it first and avoided the post.

Thanks so much, going to do everything I can to help this little girl, she is really precious.

= ^..^ =
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