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Yucky didnt get a clean bill of health

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Took yucky to the vet today and they said everything looked good except a spot under her chin that they said looked cancerous.Im suppose to watch it for a couple of weeks to see if it gets better.If not they are going to check into it.It looks like a sore under her chin and their hoping its just an irritation so im praying that its nothing bad.My heart sank today when they said that cause shes my baby.I even cried when i left the vet and just watched her lay next to me and thought what it would be like to be without her,then i thought no way shes gonna be fine. Im probably jumping to conclusions and i shouldnt be doing that but i cant help it.Ive had her for 7 yrs and i want her for a life time.Please say a prayer for her and im gonna pray every night.kittens
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I hope it isn't cancerous.

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Hoping for the best for your kitty. Sending lots of healthy vibes for her, and be strong vibes for you.
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Think positive! Did they give you anything for it to clean it up with? Maybe you should change her name to Lucky...
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yes they did tell me to wash it with peroxide or i could put a bacterial ointment on it.They put some stuff on it at the vet.And yes lucky will be a great name if shes alright.Yucky Lucky lol
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I am sorry to hear that , but maybe it is nothing .

I will say a prayer for your baby
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I'm praying that it's nothing.

((((((((((Healing Vibes for Yicky)))))))))))
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sending healing vibes to Yucky
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Praying for you Yucky. It could be so many things Kittens. Hope it is good news for you.
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count me in for prayers too... I hope yucky gets a clean bill soon!
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Keep us posted!! I will pray for her!
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I'm praying it's nothing! I would have cried, too.
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Yuckys sore on her chin is now bigger and shes starting to get bald spots on her not real big or anything but noticeable so the vet has decided to check into it.They dont think the bald spots have anything to do with it though and thats a plus but their real concerned with her chin.Its bothering her real bad. She scratches it all the time.She goes in Friday for a recheck and they said the results will be in that same day so im hopeful everything is ok.I will let you all know very soon and thanks for all your support.Kittens
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What a difficult wait this must be. Yucky is in my thoughts and prayers! Please let us know as soon as you find out anything.
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Poor Yucky, I hope and pray that it isn't cancer and that she is going to be ok. I can only imagine what you must be going through. (((((HUGS)))))
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I hope the vet can find out what's wrong (and that it's nothing serious).
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I'm sending good healing vibes too! We have had cancerous growths in a couple of cats over the years, here. In one case, it was malignant :-( and we were shattered with that case! BUT! In another case our terrific surgeon vet was able to remove the growth, and it has not returned. I've also seen cat acne on the chin of many cats that eat from plastic food dishes. I am hoping this is what Yukky has. OR, even, if the spot DOES turn out to be a growth, our vet says that many such growths are benign on cats, and that growths in the mouth region are pretty common in cats! It sounds to me like this is a quite small spot, and that is a good thing too -- sounds like it COULD be removed without kitty being much the worse! Glad you took Yukky to the vet when you did. Keep an eye on it, and please, keep us posted on how things go!
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Did they check to see if it was ringworm? It would look like a sore and get larger with time causing your kitty to go crazy with the itching it causes.
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Sorry Yucky is still so poorly. Still praying for her
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Took Yucky in this morning and they called this afternoon and said she doesnt have anything cancerous.I had to go back their and pick up some cream for her chin to get it healed up and stop itching. They said it was just an irritation of some kind and it should heal up in no time. I was so relieved My Yucky is going to be with me for along time Im so happy im beside myself Well any way thought i would let you all know.She really does have 9 lives Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers you all deserve a group hug kittens
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Yippee! You must be so relieved! Yeah for Yucky! This litle chin irritation will be gone before you know it. I'm so happy for you! Thanks for letting us know!
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Glad to hear that Yucky is doing great! Well I hope she heals in no time. Thank goodness it was only a skin irritation.

Enjoy your weekend!
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What a relief. Hope she recovers very quick.
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Phew! Thank goodness I'm so relieved for you and Yucky! Jeeperscat does the happy dance
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Thank goodness it's nothing serious.

Hope she heals up in no time.
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Glad she is going to be ok!!
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I'm glad to hear it's nothing serious. That must be quite a relief for you.
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I am so glad that Yucky is ok. You must be relieved!
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jcat just wanted to let you know that your cat is identical to mine.Thats exactly what yucky looks like.Im gonna have pics of my cats soon so you will get to see yucky !
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glad that Yucky will be fine!
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