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Update on Racerman

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Racer is holding steady and doing good. (furiously knocking on wood here). I have him on a purely holistic dry feed now, he has been off the witches brew for about a month and shows no signs of actute founder. He is still blowing abscesses about 4 a week- but here is a current picture of him, taken just tonight-

I mean no disrespect by calling the concoction he was getting witches brew. It literally saved his life! Mike called it that the first time I mixed it up because it bubbled a bit.

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes to his recovery. Again, you all kept me relatively sane through this- The battle is not over, but right now it looks like we are winning the war!

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He looks great!! I'm so glad Racer is winning the war with this thing. He's got fantastic help, and fantastic will behind him.
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That is wonderful news that Racer is holding up And he looks great too .

He is still having them blowing abscesses ? Oh man , I am sure he is hurt , poor baby . ((((((HUGS)))))) to you , hang in there girl .

I will continue to pray for Racer and for you
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Aww.... Racerman is an awesome horsie, I am positive that he will pull throught, the abcesses are just a nuisance to his getting better.... I am still praying for Racer to get well, and You for strength MA cause You are a Godsend to this horse.
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wonderful update...he's such a special fellow, I'm very glad to read this.
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Great news! I am so glad Racer is nearing recovery! You really did it, Mary Ann!
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I am so happy about this! Yay for Racer!
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AWWWWWWWWWWW he's a handsome dude, he is! And it's so good to hear that he's still improving and things are looking positive. Way to go! Keeping the good vibes and the prayers coming your way.
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Just wanted to add my thanks that you posted the update for us, and of course say how glad I am that the news is good! You and Racer make for a darn good team, and I hope the results stay positive!
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Thanks All- now if I can just get him to drop some more weight on his belly and lose that darn crest in his neck, I might be able to breathe easier.
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I did not know he needs to loose some weight Hissy , I thought he looks perfectly fine to me .
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MA, I'm so glad that you and Racer are over the worst. He is a beautiful boy, inside and out and has done so well with your constant care and attention. Here's hoping he continues on the road to recovery.
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I'm so glad Racer is doing well. He is so beautiful. He looks great.
I hope he continues to get better.
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Thanks for the update Mary Anne. Glad it was a good one. Racer remains in my thoughts, he's definitly looking better!
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I am glad to hear he is doing better. He is one gorgeous boy, and lucky to have you on his side.
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He looks good! Horses are very hard to take care of, and you are doing such a great job! My parents had two and didn't know how to take care of them the right way and finally had to sell them. I want to raise some one day when we buy a ranch...I hope all keeps getting better MA!
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I didn't notice the crest in his neck until you mentioned it. What does that come from?

I sure am glad to see him looking so healthy! Woo Hoo!
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