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Spraying Issue with Breeding

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I have always wondered how people who breed cats handle the problem of their male cat spraying? How do they stop them from stinking up the whole house. That would be a major issue for me if I was breeding.
Just a question as I am not into doing that at all right now.
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Im not an expert on this as I've never done any breeding but the few people I know who do breed usually keep the male cat in a room of his own, or even more popular seems to be to have a building outside for him to live in, apparently then they keep it as THEIR own territory and just spray in there.... I don't know how effective that is though as I've had no experience of it myself..... although I did have one male cat who was not neutered until he was 1 year and 2 months old, and he NEVER spray once.... hmmm sorry I don't really have a good answer for you!

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We don't keep males in opur cattery just for that reason, although within the next few months we will have to. We have had males that have such a strong odor about them that even the females refused to go near them, and then we've had them that you could barely tell they were males, and they didn't spray. It really varies with males. For us, the only option is to have one of the later, and failing that, we just won't own one.

Most that do keep them do have them in their own area or large cage, commonly referred to as a tokyo, where they have alot of room, or they are kept in a separate area all to themselves.

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My boys are kept in huge cages with lots of room for playing and beds. I keep the boys on separate sides of "their" room but I do have a male who never sprays but I've been told that his son is starting to spray so it all depends on the cat.

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I think it depends on the cat - I have a whole male Abysinnian and although he does not constantly spray, every so often he marks his territory - but I am lucky as he does not have a strong male urine smell. However, he is getting neutered after this show season and I am going to start him over as an alter. And the main reason is that his testosterone level makes him aggressive toward my older male neuters and they look at me as if to say, why mommy are you letting him do that? And Merlot has never been in a cage here - he was not given to me to be a breeder but to be a beloved pet, which he is. I will have my new pointed kitten (Sandie is going to post a picture of him for me) as a whole male for awhile because a pointed Turkish Angora (fifth generation) is too rare to neuter without first breeding him to a few females. But in the end, he too will end up like Merlot!

I also use a spray called Knock out which really does neutrilize the smell of male cat urine - that helps a lot
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Thankyou all for your replys. Even though I dont want to do any breeding it is something I was alway curious about. My little guy has just been fixed so its something I wont have to worry about (I hope)
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