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At my wits end with incessant meowing!!

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I have a cat that needs to be shut in till this Friday. I have been keeping him locked up in my bedroom because he needs the heat (recently shaved), but he just won't shut up. He has been inside for a week today. I figured he was just lonely, so I let him out into the general indoor cat population. But again, all he does is meow. I know he wants to go outside, but you'd think after this many days he would resign to being indoors somewhat. I've yelled, cuddled, water-sprayed, fed, played with, thrown pillows at him but there's no end to it. I'll lock him up again in the bedroom, but I can still hear him. I'm ready to scream especially when he wakes me up in the middle of the night with his vocals.

I'll try to keep this short.....He is a stray and has been here for 1.5 months. He was one huge matted mess, hence the shaving and I also had him neutered 1.5 weeks ago. Shortly after the "fixing" on a particularly warm day I let him out. He took off and was gone till late that night. However, that afternoon he bit a neighbor lady. It became infected and she has gone though hell this past week. Luckily for Matty (his new name) she is a cat person and doesn't blame him. The reason for the bite is unknown...totally out of character. But the county health people want him tested for rabies. Since that means death to him that nice neighbor convinced them to just let me monitor him for the 10 day incubation period. So that's why I can't let him out. There is no sign of any sickness. He's a little cuddling love-bug and a really nice cat to have around except for this meowing. He's not aggressive to me, my hubby or any of my 8 cats or dog. I don't have anywhere else to keep him and the adoption place obviously won't take him till this incubation period is over.

If anyone has an idea how to get him to understand what shutup means I'd sure appreciate it. I imagine it's something I'll just have to put up with, but just sharing this horrible story has helped. Sorry if I rambled, but these days I'm just not sure of my sanity.
Thanks, Corinne
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Poor Cat, he has really been through it hasn't he! He has been with you only a short time, and he has really had to deal with some major changes in his life. Although these changes are for his own good, he has no way of knowing this. You can reduce his anxiety though by the following ways.

First, stop yelling, spraying water, throwing things (even soft things at him) You will only serve to make him aggressive and fear you and other humans. Trust me, he probably already does fear them, which is why the woman got bit.

He's been shaved and neutered, both traumatic to have to deal with, and again even though it was for his own good, he has no way of knowing this.

Cut down the wattage in the room he is in. Either unscrew the lightbulbs and burn only a night light, or decrease the wattage.

If you can check out this company and invest in one of their inexpensive condos http://www.felinefurniture.com/ he will love it.

Find a cardboard box, flip it on its side, pile soft bedding inside, and drape the box with a dark blanket- leave enough space at the bottom that he can go in and out, but give him a nice safe cave to stay in. When he is laying in the box, leave him alone (unless you think he is sick) Let him realize that this box is a safety zone for him and he won't be disturbed. Tuck it back into a corner

Play classical music for him softly get a CD and put it on endless play set the volume really low and leave it on

Invest in a Comfort Zone Room diffuser by Farnum Pet

Go into his room several times a day, sit flat on the floor and read out loud to him. If he comes out just ignore him.

If he will accept your presence when he eats sit with him while he eats and just talk to him. Don't pet him, just sit close by and talk to him. Again, don't look him in the eyes.

Go to WalMart or K-Mart and buy a baby gate. Put it up in the doorway vertical instead of horizontal, that way he won't feel so isolated. He can see you, hear you smell you and it will calm him down.

Good luck!
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Go buy some ear plugs....seriously!!! Ear plugs can be a life-saver in situations like this.
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Ear plugs??

It sounds like 1) he's a vocal cat
2) he's lonely
3) he's scared.

I'm not the feral expert but try some low volume music in the room. Its helps to quiet them.
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He has also only just been neutered, his hormones are still raging and at this time of year his whole body is urging him to get out there and do his bit to expand the feline population.

You can't comprehend why he doesn't understand the "shut-up" command. He has absolutely no idea why you won't let him out when he is asking nicely,so he is having to turn up the volume in an attempt to make you hear! 10 days, to a cat, is a lifetime.The key is to spend as much time as possible interacting with him - he probably isn't yelling when you are in there cuddling and stroking. If you are talking "saving sanity", maybe consider sleeping with him until Friday...........if he is as cuddly as you say, that may settle him enough.

You mention that the adoption centre won't take him back until the incubation period is over. Does that mean you are returning him?

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Also what I can recoment is Feli-way plug in , if you can aford it . Here is a link where it is pretty cheap .

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Hi, thanks for everyone's input, it helped me to understand more where he's coming from. He's still carrying on with the meowing, but there has been a bit of improvement where he'll have a short snooze on the couch along with my other guys. Then he carries on for a bit, then snoozes again...that's definate progress from earlier this week.

I do take a moment to cuddle or play with him when he jumps up on me, but that is shortlived...he goes right back to the door and starts all over again. I knew, or at least figured, this was his hormones still raging, but I've never had it so prolonged with any of my other just-neutered guys. We'll get through this, I know. And besides, it's good exercise for my self-control.

Lilliput: He was a "dumpee" (my 3rd this winter) and hasn't been to the adoption place yet. I had it set up to deliver him when this rabies scare came about. Even though I'm already way over my legal cat limit, I know me...I'll never be able to give him away now. Depite what we've both been through this week, he is a real sweetheart. Definately someone's pet....funny how few lost ads there are for cats huh? City people dumping their pets out in the country is a real problem here (probably like everywhere else) I think it should be a criminal offence...but that's a whole other discussion.

One last question: If I keep him confined till I see him settling down how long does it usually take for the wandering ways to subside? I don't want him takng off again...he was in pretty bad shape from fighting. I didn't realize how bad until he was shaved. Poor guy was just covered in scratches, bite marks and old scars.

Thanks again...having access to this forum and sharing really helps.

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thought you had adopted, not been the recipient of a dumpee!
I still occasionally find something on my doorstep, and I stopped being an official rescue a while ago.Once people get to know you....!!!!!!!

Pee smell may take up to three weeks to clear.Themale behaviourmay take a lot longer. Lateneuters have a behaviour pattern set, so although the hormones aren't actually going to rage after a few weeks,the idea is going to stick around for a while1
That said, they frequently turn into the gentlest giants in later years.
I would expect the incessant need to go out to wind down slowly over several weeks. As his battle scars indicate he has been hard at it in his old neighbourhood, if not actually hard stray, I wouldonlygivehim free access with caution.........and not for several weeks.Certainly until his instincts seem to have cleared the system

Watch out..he may try mounting your spays for a while! Not at all uncommon for late neuters in mixed households.

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It is definitely that time of year for him to want to be outside and he is not yet used to being confined. Is he dashing for the door, or are you talking about confining him in a room versus just the whole house? If you give them enough stimulation to stay indoors, they will adjust slowly.
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