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Tuesday DT!

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Hope everyone is having a great day! Not much here, have enough time to be on here...so that is a very great thing! Waiting on a sugarfree vanilla latte to get here from Starbucks (friend is bringing me one!)Real rainy and stormy....how is your day?
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Whoops, posted this on Mondays instead so I had to delete it, lol. I don't even know what day it is! Today we started a weight loss plan, so far so good. We have also still been working on removing wallpaper. Today is just another lazy day I guess. We will see how much it costs to get 2 windows replaced, and need to find someone to clear our yard down to dirt. Also need to replace the shower, the stupid people that lived here before us have ruined our house, roof leaks and my rooms floor is totally ruined from it, they put tile in the bathroom and it is seperating which means the whole wall is soaked. We have yet to find a stud in our house, so far just drywall. So basically we will be putting more money into this house then we even payed for. I just hope my mom gets the job in Colorado so we can just put the house up for sale "as is".

UGHHHH. Oh well.....
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Trying (unsuccessfully) to keep myself busy with real work. I have been so slow for way too long! I keep thinking of all the other, more productive things I could be doing with my time...

And it's only Tuesday! Yikes! This is looking to be a very long week!!!
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Im having the worst day ever. Everything just keeps getting messed up! grrrrrrrr
trying to make the best of it though

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Surprisingly, I've been having an exteremly good day so far. I think that having sun and Mon off were sorely needed.
I worked all day today and pretty much came home and jumped on the net. Of course, I had to open the doors when I got home because it is so beautiful outside and the cats are loving every minute of it!
MMMMMM.... fresh air, sunshine, cats, and the rest of the day off, what more can you ask for?
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Our nasty weather has finally blown out and its warm and sunny again. Buddy is lolling, in warm-weather mode - sprawled out, belly up, to dissipate body heat.

Still acclimating, to going to work, at 0700. Morning traffic isn't so bad but, for some reason, 3:30 traffic is bumper-to-bumper, worse than when I went home, at 5:30. To top it off, out main system crashed, at 9:30 and we had to use the clunky, old DOS system, all day. One of these days, I'm going to meet the guy, who wrote that program and I'm going to hurt him!

Since I'm working, Saturday, I have Friday off. I'm going down to see the grandbabies and give them their Easter bunnies. In about two weeks, they'll be one year old! Sam says that the person, making the b'day party invites, is using the newborn picture, that took, on them. Well, Grandma's good for SOMETHING! I'm going to take pix, on Friday, too and will post some cute ones. Haven't had any, since Christmas.
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it's 8pm and I can't wait to go to bed.. um what's wrong with this picture??

everyone have a great rest of the day
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