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Is anyone else here addicted to this channel?

Unless there is something else on that I specifically want to watch, or if hubby gets control of the remote, that's what is on my TV. (Ho won't really admit it, but I think he likes some of the shows too...)

We have even been inspired by Mission: Organization and Clean Sweep (on TLC) to actually organize our home. It takes a lot longer then the 2 days they do on Clean Sweep, but slowly but surely it is getting done.

My favorite shows on HGTV are Divine Design, Design on a Dime, and Designer's Challenge.
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I love Clean Sweet - I can't believe some of the clutter!

I am more into shows like Rally around the House (I love landscaping ideas), In a Fix, While You were Out, etc.

I am addicted to home improvement shows.

But I especially love Ty's new show 'Extreme Makeover - Home Edition'
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I love While You Were Out. I've been trying to think of who I could surprize with that! LOL

I'm so behind the times, I have just recently started watchinh Trading Spaces.. I'll have to check out Extreme Makeover-Home with Ty!
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I've never heard of HGTV.
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I too am a HGTV and house improvement addict. I confess!
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I love Designers Challenge, Landscapers Challenge, Curb Appeal, House Hunters...so much more!!!

Anyone watch DIY? I like the crafts and scrapbooking shows on there.
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I am an HGTV addict as well! It is on everyday for at least a while, unless I am watching While You Were Out or Trading Spaces or Surprise By Design lol! I love all these home design and decorating shows.

The cooking channel is my other staple. I used to watch a little more cooking than home design, but now I'm trying to lose weight so it's the other way around!

And lastly both my fiance and I are addicted to the Discovery channel shows Monster House and OC Choppers.
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Another addict here!
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I'm addicted to the channel, too.
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I love HGTV! It's probably the only thing I ever watch on tv since I rarely watch tv. I love to decorate though so this really has my interest. I love Divine Design, House Hunters and the one with Grant Goodeve about older homes. I don't care much for Trading Spaces, I just don't like there decorating style. I prefer HGTV.

Lisa & Sash
http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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I'm always trying to eliminate clutter and get things better organized so Clean Sweep is probably a program I should be watching. What day(s) and time(s) is it on?
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Lorie, I am not sure what time and day it is on in your area, I mostly watch it on Saturdays, and then I am just lucky to catch it.

Check www.tvguide.com and it will tell you.
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I watch HGTV almost everyday. I entered for the dreamhouse they gave away almost everyday when they had the contest going. Its not too far from where I live now and wanted it so bad! I could have really gotten used to living on the coast in a great house! Oh well, I'll keep wishing. I love watching HGTV though, lots of great ideas!
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I'm addicted to shows on HGTV as well as the decorating shows on TLC.
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I love HGTV. When there is nothing on any other channel, its a guarantee they have something interesting on. I want to sign my aunt up for the Clean Sweep (praying she doesnt see this ).
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Me to. I love Trading Spaces and all the other designer shows, Must have something to do with me having absoulutly no talent in designing anything.
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