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Purina Cat Cow "Indoor formula"

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Does anyone have any opinions on Purina's new line of cat chow called "Indoor formula" which is aimed at indoor cats?

...just curious.
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We feed our cats Purina Indoor, they love it so much. They get very mad if they don't get it. If we could, I would rather buy a different brand, one of the higher qualities like Blue.
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I've been feeding it for a few months now. My cats enjoy it-shhh don't tell them they are also outdoor cats.
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When I got Dante and Luna (his littermate who my former roommate now has) they came to me having been fed Purina kitten chow, so I just continuted with that since it's a reasonably priced brand. When they got older, we switched them to cat chow.... and when the indoor formula came out I put both Dante and Lily on it hoping it will help them stay trim and not become fat house cats. (Lily once had a weight problem, but she'd lost it by the time I adopted her.)

I'm hoping it does all of the things it says it does, but it's so new (at least in this area) that I doubt anyone knows for sure yet...which is why I brought up the discussion! Thanks for your input!
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I grew up more cats on Purina Cat Chow than I can count, but lately I have been very disappointed. It appears to me that they have cut back on the protein and fatty acids in their formulas. My indoor cats had dry skin and no sheen to their coats. I switched them over to Azmira (very expensive) but the coats are all shining, even the short-haired one. The dry skin is almost gone and Kahli even lost some weight because of the concentrated protein, they eat less. I still feed 24/7/365, dry only with water.
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KittenKiya - I'm no expert but I think they sell supliments you can add to your cats food that has the extra vitamins and such in it that will help with coat sheen and sheding and the like. I think I've seen some of the breeders mention it before. I actually want to look into that myself, because our newest cat sheds like CRAZY and I thought it would get better when we put her on the same food as Dante, but it hasn't. I'm not sure if it would be cheaper than your new food or not, but it might be worth checking into! I'm sure someone here could recommend something!

I feed mine 24/7 too... the bowl is always full and they can eat whatever whenever they want. So far that has worked, but if one of them starts looking chubby that will have to stop. (which is why I switched to the indoor formula, because it's supposed to help with weight control.) They also only get dry food and water. Dante has never had "people food" and I'm trying to keep it that way! Lily does beg sometimes because her previous owner fed her, but eventually she'll learn that she wont get it at our house.

...I have to mention that although my spoiled rotten cats only get dry food and water (which doesn't sound too "spoiled") - they do have one of those fancy water fountain drinking dishes that filters the water and keeps it cold and constantly moving.... so don't worry, they're still spoiled rotten!
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Your babies are more mannered than mine. I tried that fountain thing and thought I was way ahead of the game until I came home and found that someone (KAHLI) had pulled the plug out and tipped it over. It wasn't gushing fast enough I guess.
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Your babies are more mannered than mine.
LOL! Let me tell you WHY we had to get that water fountain... and you may rething that statement!

We originally had the upside down pop bottle one. Well, Dante figured out that the fresh water comes out of that pop bottle... so he would RAM his head against the bottle over and over and scoot the whole dish across the room (getting water and food ALL over the floor) trying to get fresh water to come out. I thought I'd be smart and get a rubber mat with a rim around it to put under it so he couldn't scoot it anymor and to catch the spills, but that didn't work! He just scooted the whole mat and water and food was still all over the floor. So his grandma (my mom) bought him the fountain for Christmas (at my request) so he would have a steady flow of "fresh" water at all times. It seems to have fixed the problem. (Thank goodness!)
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I tried the nutro indoor recently. he liked it. I can't tell if it's doing all the things it says like making him shed less etc. But his coat is very soft and he is healthy!
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Purina recently purchased Friskies, should get interesting I would think
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