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Question about Chicken Soup... canned food

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I recently tried Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul (CSCLS for the rest of this post) light formula for my cats. The first time they ate it they loved it. The second time they tried to bury it! Of course I had bought about six cans and am using it to trick them into eating medicine so when I put it out I want them to finish it. So, the first 5 or 6 were really gross looking (even for cat food), they had hunks of grains all through it. Having never fed them canned food I wasn't sure if this was normal, but growing up my cats always had canned food and this looked nothing like I remembered. They really weren't loving it, and I have added nutro to the rotation, but am trying to finish off the CSCLS and last night the can I opened looked just like normal cat food, no grains or other odd stuff. And they inhaled it. I am so confused.

Is it normal for canned CSCLS to vary like this?

The cats don't seem to be sick from the other stuff, but it just was odd for it to look so different from one can to the next.
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hmmm...you might want to check out their website & contact the manufacturer. That sounds weird - I would think the food should be consistent.
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I had problems with some cans that I had gotten too. It was the wet light formula... mine didn't look like grains, but the some of the cans I tried had this big jelly tumor looking thing... it was so gross

My cats liked the first can too, then decided they would never eat it again. I gave my extra to the shelter so I wouldn't be wasting it.
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Yes, the gelatinous looking stuff is gross looking, too. My last can had grains again, but they are back to liking it, they just eat around the grains. Silly cats...

Well, I'll check their website and send them an email if they have that option.
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I am really loving the ingredients in this wet food! I have never seen it in stores here, but when I do, I will give it a try. Some wet foods I have bought have that same gelatin stuff at the top. Natural Balance wet food is great, but you can see the carrots in it! My cats ate around the carrots, smart boys! Maybe the jelly stuff is just the contents settling? The grains showing is normal. Chicken Soup uses whole white and brown rice, so it should be visible. They don't grind their grains into a fine powder, can you see the oatmeal in it?
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I'm not talking about the jelly gravy, i'm talking about something the size of a quarter, that looked like a plastic clear ball cut into 1/2.

I think i've tried just about every food out there... the cats favorite was Nature's Receipe but at $3.00 per can for some of the flavors... I found other stuff that I think is just as good.
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Whoops I meant Nature's Variety, not the other stuff (but hey I've tried that too...).
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Yes, you can see oatmeal in it! It's funny, because if I don't clean the bowl out right away (it is in an area the cats don't access unless I am there so they can't eat it) it looks like a crumbled up granola bar! I know the ingredient list does say "whole" but I was just wondering what others who had used it had seen. I hope that it becomes available in your area soon, the guy at the Pet Supplies Plus says his cats love it, and it is really good for them.

Regarding the gelatinous goop, it is in chunks througout the food, not a glaze on the top. The cats seem to like those, it is just the grains that freak them out. Of course, if they were on the floor they'd disappear in a hurry.

I have been giving them Nutro Max Cat Lite lately, that has carrots, peas and potato chunks in it. But I think they're very soft because the cats eat them.
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