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I got my kitten when he was 6 weeks old and he moved into a house with 3 other fully grown cats. He grew up with them (not always getting along with them) until he was 3. I then moved into the country and he had a hard time not only adjusting to the new and completely different environment but (I believe) also to the fact that his buddies were no longer there. I gave a lot of extra love and attention for the first year and he has adapted well to the country life (bringing all sorts of presents for me at the back door!) but his personality has changed drastically. He was never a very cuddly cat, but now is, and he meows all the time. If he wants to go outside, he wants me to go with him or he will only stay out for 5 mins and vice versa. Do you think this is a problem? Can anyone explain what the different sounding meows mean?

I would appreciate any advice to keep my "kitten" happy!

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I moved your question to the behavior forum. Cats usually make different noises. Some are hunting, some are playing and some really mean they are trying to tell you something. Each cat can vary the sounds. You should pay close attention to when and why he makes the sounds. After ahwile, they will make sense to you. An example is that my oldest cat makes a very funny meow when the food bowl is empty, so now I know what he is talking about. I am glad he has decided to be a lover cat...he really just has made a bond with you and wants your company.
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Each cat has its own personality. It could very well be that your cat is insecure and needs you with him to feel safe.

You may want to consider getting him another cat. Maybe a companion will keep him busy indoors and make him happier.
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