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Happy Birthday Pollyanna!

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Hey Sesselja! Happy Birthday- I hope you're having a great day. I hope Pollyanna is OK. Let us know k? Hugs!!
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Happy birthday!!! Hope your s/o and your furkids pamper you rotten on this day!!
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Wishing you have a wonderful birthday!
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Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and a great year!

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Happy Birthday Sesselja!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and an even better year!!
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Happy Birthday to you! :flower:
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Happy Birthday! How's Pollyanna? :icecream: :flower:
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Hey, thank you all!
I thought I´d drop by and look at TCS. After writing half a message my computer went to sleep...so I try again
I have really missed you guys. I am expecting some relatives and a couple of friends tonight, but after that my busy period should be over, and if the computer will be in a good mood, I´d like to take a look a some of the things I have been missing here. I dont know how many will be here tonight, since this is a semi big birthday, but so far I have made 3 hot bread things (not hot yet ), 2 different cheesecakes, a lemon mareng pie, 6 other cakes, and I am on my way to do some hot apple custard pie thing.....I quess I will be eating cakes untill summer I wish you could come for a slice of cake! If you are passing by, please drop in!

PS. Pollýanna is finally getting much better, I´m taking her to the vet tomorrow, I´m sure they will be very pleased with her. I will tell you more about her story later.

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Happy Birthday Sesselja!! I hope your day is perfect! Those cakes sound absolutely delicious!!

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mmm I love pastries!

I hope your birthday goes off without a hitch!

Happy Birthday!
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Mmmm cake. Have a great birthday! I'm glad to hear Pollyanna is doing better.
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I think I am late

But I hope you had a wonderful Birthday
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Thanx again for all the Birthday wishes!
Just thought I´d tell you how my evening went...There weren´t as many quests as I expected, not many at all actually About 15 people - and since I went overboard in baking (I really like baking), I could have had 50 guests! (I didn´t expect that many, but there could have been about 30 people, including some kids.) As a result, I have been eating cakes ALL DAY I had a couple of friends coming today, and took a large plate full of cake to the girl upstairs, but still I have a lot of "work" to do, so please, if any of you is anywhere in the neighbourhood, please, please help me, I cant finish this all by my self (and with a wonderful help from my cake loving s/o) I even have 3 whole cakes in the freezer. Do any of you know this overbaking problem?
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I'm late too. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
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