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On the farm, some trees have sustained quite a bit of damage because of beavers. We took hours cleaning up a dam, and only managed to get through halfway through. Then yesterday the boss and her son found 2 more dams, about 40 feet within of each other. But they love going for the culvert which is the hardest part to clean because they build their dam right in the middle where it is hard to get at.
I did some searching and found something called a Beaver Baffle which is like an addition to the culvert.
But once you pull down their dams, they build it back just as fast - the next day, they are back up as if nothing had happened
The boss called a company and they offered $3000 to build a thing to prevent them - a bit too high methinks.
She is trying to contact the wildlife centre to see if they can trap them, but I have a feeling that if they do, they won't get them all. They seem to be persistent little buggers!

Has anyone ever had beaver problems? What have you done? We can't keep going back to the same problem every day as it takes up our time that we need to focus on other stuff on the farm.

Here is a picture of a poplar tree that was downed by beavers. I am just glad that the horses were not in the pasture at the time!