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CLyde's Right Eye

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I'm concerned about Clyde's right eye. He doesn't appear to have the symptoms of a cold, but he looks at me with his right eye half shut, and when I look at it closely it appears to be red rimmed. The inner eye looks OK, just the redness around the rim of the eyelid. Is this normal, or just a little irritated? Will it heal naturally or should I see the vet?

I've noticed no amounts of oozing other than the normal amount of sleep that accumulates occasionally (over the last 9 months) after he gets up.

Please advise.



BTW: I've got to change "Little Bit's" name to "Lotta Bit". She gained 3.5 lbs in 2.5 months.

THey are now on Drs. Foster & Smith Light Diet Maintenance Dry Food.
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You don't mention how long he has had the problem.eyes can react in this way to an irritation,or scratch (just as people do).Howeveritcan also be a symptom of a more general infection. If it hasn't cleared quickly I would get in checked

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Zoey had the weirdest thing a couple weeks ago.. her left eye was red and almost looked raw on the inner corner of her eye. Not the eyeball itself but just the inner corner. I thought maybe Saki scratched her or something so I monitored it for a couple days and it healed itself. I still dont really know what it is, but if it would have gotten worse I would have taken her to the vet. I'd say keep checking it and if it gets worse it could be infected and need antibiotics.
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