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Monday Thread-

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Hey Guys.

How is your monday going? Well I hope. No school for me today, why? because last night I had a cat meeting(and before that I had work) and I came home and my uniform needed a wash,chucked in the machine only to find this morning someone had stopped it mid wash, it's all washed and dried now but if I go to school, I'll get an after school detention for being late so I'm just staying home(with mums permission,of course). It's stupid because no excuse is acceptable not even a doctors appointment,so.. if I just don't go to school I'll get no punishment. Silly, lol sorry for the rant. So I haven't been bumming round, I have washed one cat so far(it's nearly noon), the one in my siggy,Holly. She was looking really run down after her kittens and had been really sick the last few weks,vomiting and not eating until she passed nearly a metre of ribbon!!!! Poor girl. I'm so glad she's better now and she looks really lovely with her wash, so hopefully she will start to put on some weight soon cos she was really really run down. Sophie's the opposite(Holly's sister) she's put on alot of weight, I'm scared she might be pregnant but that's another story. My next cat to bath(in 15 minutes!) is Benja, he needs a good bath and then if I have time I have to do four kittens. Phew! I'm going to be busy. Hopefully everyones having a nice day and they had a nice weekend.

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Whoa I can't believe no one posted. I had a busy Monday! I hope the cat washing day was successful for ya Sam! I need to give Mittens a good one or atleast take him to the groomer's soon!
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