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The UTI that won't go away!

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For the last three weeks, Summer has had a UTI. On the first urinalysis, her red blood cell count was off the charts and her bacteria level was high, so she was put on Clavamox for two weeks. I took her back at the end of those two weeks...she still had bacteria left! So, she was on clavamox for another week. I took her back today (as it was the last day of her last treatment) and the vet called me after her urinanalysis, and the red blood cell count was lower but her bacteria level was higher than last week's! They gave her an x-ray, and there are no stones. So, now she is on a pill antibiotic for two weeks, and if she has it at the end of that period of time, she'll need a culture.

Does anyone know what this could be? Could it be due to my city water? I had many a fish die before I got Summer until I started buying the gallons at Wal-Mart. I asked my vet and she told me there is a high level of chlorine in our city's water, and it's not really good for animals OR people. Could this be it? The vet suggested I give her the bottled water until this treatment is over and see if it helps.

I know it's not her food because I asked and she is an only cat living with 2 adults and lives a pretty carefree life.
Sorry so long....just wondering if anyone could give me some insight.
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Certainly it is worth investing in bottled water for her...cats don't drink many bottles in a week.

I would ask your vet to test for which antibiotic the infection will respond to.........not cheap,but better than continued repeat visits as the infection keeps kicking back.

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