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Hello, I'm new!

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Hi all

I saw this site recommended on the Boxerworld forums which I have been frequenting for a while now.

What a friendly bunch of people you seem here. I couldn't resist the temptation to join after only a quick look.

My name is Adele, from Sydney Australia, and I am a stay at home mum of 6. Well, two children: Stephi 9, Andrew 8; two boxers: Jasper 7 months, Piper 6 months; and two cats: Basil 1, Tasha 2 1/2.

Of the cats, Basil is MY boy and Tasha just loves everyone. Basil is one of those special cats that thinks HIS mummy is the centre of the universe. And he makes sure that when he wants attention that HE is the centre of MINE! :laughing:

Tasha is a pound kitty and I will NEVER understand how anyone could have given her up. We went looking for a white cat, but she just stole our hearts.

I am going to try and post pictures of them for you, and save the rest of the raving for another time.
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And here's Tasha.
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Boo; We welcome you and the whole family to our Cat Site family!!!! I only see pic of one of your cats. Perhaps you can try again. I hope you will enjoy posting here. Can't wait to hear your "Cat Tales fom Down Under". :pinky::blubturq::de er:: Please, come back real soon. . . . . .

TLK and her 6 =^.".^= 's
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your babies are adorable. Tasha is precious. It's a shame how people throw away animals like trash. Luckily she has found a loving home!


[COLOR=deep pink]WELCOME!!!!![/color]
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Welcome to the cat site Boo!!!!! Very nice kitties!! I love Tasha! I also have a male that loves his mommy very much!
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Thank you all very much for your welcome
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Adele,Basil and Tasha are so cute,a warm welcome to the Cat Site


Jackie and Felix
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Welcome Boo!!!
What beautiful babies you have! Have a great time and post often!
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Welcome to our humble abode Boo!! We LOVE it here and hope you will too! Your kittes are gorgeous - thanks for the pics! how cute!
Hope to see you around often, put your slippers on and snuggle down in your sofa (well, your computer chair)and make yourself at home!

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Welcome to the site Boo. Your cats are gorgeous! Hope to hear a lot more from you.
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Glad to have you aboard! I have an immitation Russian Blue (looks exactly like a Russian but has grey paw pads), a Tortie, and a siamese mix. I thought it was a neat coincidence about the Russian and the Tortie. I am sure you will love it here, I do!
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Welcome Boo!
Basil and Tasha are beautiful kitties. We also have two cats. One of our kitties, Speckals, looks a lot like your Tasha. Her brother, Spooky, is all black.
This is a great place. I'm sure you will enjoy it here as much as I do!
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Welcome boo!!!!!!!! I am so glad you have joined us! I think you will really like it here, and your babies, Tasha and Basil are adorable!!!
Hope to hear more from you!
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Welcome Boo! We're glad to have you here at The Cat Site!
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Welcome Boo!

I'm sure you'll find many hours of obsession...err...enjoyment here! :laughing2:
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Welcome boo,i too have just joined here and found it a really friendly place. I am also a stay at home mum of 4 (2 fur and 2 non fur babies) from sydney.And im about to become a grandma,with my meezer girl due for kittens in 11 days(not that im counting LOL)

here is my poor fat girl,how i dont envey her LOL
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Boo and stasia! That is cool that you both are from the same place...maybe you can meet? I always wish I could meet the other members on here, that are from Iowa!
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Welcome Boo Your furbabies are adorable. I love torties although I don't have one. Tasha is beautiful. I have 4 cats of my own. Cruella and Lianna who are both solid black, Wylie, my vet tells me is a Himalayan Mix, and Titus, vet says he's a Maine Coon Mix. Welcome to the club, hope to be hearing some great stories about your kitties soon.
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MEOW to you - that is a catsite welcome from me!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Hi. I'm new to. Your cats are so cute.
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Meow meow to you too Griffin!!!
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Wow, we have a few members from Australia now! Welcome Boo and please post more pics of your kitties They are sooooo adorable!

Love, Peace &
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