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I lost by cat Bonito last week. A car ran him over. He had FIV and mange and was being treated for it.
Now this other female cat that comes to my back porch to eat is presenting the same symptons of mange Bonito had.
I don't know what to do. I have spent so much money lately on these stray cat I feed that I am running out of funds.
Is there something I can do at home for this mange? Is there a medication I can buy?
Please help me I am desperate
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Mange should be treated by a vet, simply because it may not be mange, but something else. I understand your dilemna about not having the funds available for treating all the strays that need help so bad. If that is the case, the hardest and simplest way to take yourself out of the equation, is stop feeding them. I know it is hard, because there are so many that need food, but unless you can follow through with vet care (and no one will fault you if you can't) Then you simply stop providing the food and they will go elsewhere.

If I knew of a holistic treatment, I would pass it on, but again you would have to be able to get hands on with this cat, without getting hurt in the process.
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I have tried to stop feeding them (there are 3 of them), but this one the one that is sick will not leave my porch. She did not eat for two days and stayed there. I can't do it. It breaks my heart to knowthat besides how uncomfortable she is, she is also hungry.
This is really painful specially now that I lost my Bonito and when I look at her is like looking at my Bonito.
I found out that all these cats that showed up in my back porch are from a female siamese cat on the block behind my house. The owners moved and left her behind about a year ago or so, But she is not friendly at all (probably because of what they did to her) and it is impossible to catch her to have her spayed
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Please try contacting MeezerPleasers http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/meezerpleasers.html

I am not certain, but believe that they have helped with a previous case of first cross dumpees.If not they may be able to advise of some support for you.
I absolutely agree with Hissy that vets advice is needed,however Stronghold is an available flea treatment which does also eradicate mange mites,so it may be that you can treat cats you can touch with this.........as a general health concern.

Time to get some assistance for you and the cats.

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Lilliput: Thank you for the post. Any idea where I can get Stronghold?
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Sorry, I am in the UK but don't believe it is a POM in the US, so I would try PetSmart or similar. Otherwise, over the counter from the vet clinic.
It is worth repeating though that the best way forward is to get some external support so that these cats can be fully vet checked,and maybe taken off the streets.......or at least neutered.
Keep us posted

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