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Ear infection... again???

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Hey all! Any Vets on this board? I have a medical Q...

Dante had an ear infection about a month ago. He'd been scratching and shaking his head so we took him in and the vet gave us some goo to squirt down his ear for 7 days. We did that... but about a week later he came down with a fever so we took him back again and she said it hadn't cleared up and it had given him the fever so she gave us pills to put down his throat for 10 days. We did that, and things have seemed fine for the past week and a half or so since the pills were gone... But now he's scratching at his ear AGAIN! He's an indoor cat, so he has no exposure to mites or anything, and although he loves water I can't think of a time that he would have gotten water in his ear... but last night I noticed him scratching at that same ear once again.

I guess I should just take him back to the vet a third time... but at about $65 a pop this is getting a little bit rediculious. Does anyone have any advice? Is there a "home remedy" or something you could suggest?

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I just looked back into the archives on this site and found some info on this. Sorry I didn't check there first!!

I just read that there are no at-home ear infection remedies since there are many kinds of infections - so I guess it's back to the vet we go and bye bye to another $65. He's worth it if that's what it takes to make him well, but I'm getting a bit sick of paying the vet to NOT fix the problem. Maybe this vet isn't as great as I thought, after all.
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Ask him if it could be a polyp? (the questions don't cost......just the visit!). I stress this is only a possibility, but can be the cause of repeat infections.

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Mabel's ears get really nasty when she eats something she's allergic to. You might want to ask your vet if he's showing any other signs of allergies since that can sometimes be a reason for repeat ear problems..
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