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Exchange Website Banners

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Since I had just redone my website I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to exchange website banners. Just let me know and give me the information and I'll put your banner as a link to your website on my links page and you can put mine on yours!
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sure! go here to get to my banners page:

I'm still working on my updates and I hope to have my cat page updated soon and you can go there with the other cat related links or if you choose to add my site let me know what catagory on the links page you want to be in and if none of those fit please suggest one (oh and you can be in more than one if you fit in them and want to be). If you add me, link the banner to:
or (just a shorter address)
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Amber, Do you have a banner for your website? Can you point me to it? I may have looked right at it and not noticed! I just took a pill to help me sleep and am a bit groggy!

Here is an example of mine. You can copy and paste it from my website too and get the info for the link too.

Hmmmm It's not that big if you take it off my site! Sorry!
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Ok, never mind! I found your banners.
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Ok, yours is up and running! Check it out at: and go to the links page!
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Well I went to your site to get your banner and noticed mine up already! That was fast! Cool! Thanks. Let me know where on my site that you want yours and I'll try to get it up tonight.
Link the banner to right?
You've changed your site alot since I was last there! Wow! Looks good!
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well you posted about my link being up while I was typing that last post lol! I have a question: you saying you couldnt find my there a way to make my link to my banner page stand out more? I used to have all my banners at the bottom of my links page, but it was making the page take too long to load. I moved them to their own page, but I dont think anyone's noticed the page....
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Yep! You link the banner to:

Let me look at your site tomorrow after work and give you some feedback. and let you know what category to put mine in. I didn't see a "cat" category. So you could probably put it in personal pages.

I have my links on a seperate page too. But I don't have categories. I'm afraid if I make categories people will look at the first page and not go on to the other categories. Maybe you just need to somehow make the link to "Links Page" more visable. Like I said... I'm tired though so it could be that's why I couldn't find it right away! I look again tomorrow.

Thanks Amber, for exchanging banners with me! I can't believe you were the only person who responded to this! It's a win win situation. People visit my site, follow a link to yours and visa versa! Then we all get more traffic!
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Ok great! Just let me know and I'll get your banner up. I'm going shopping tommorow and go back to work on fri, so if I dont get your post tommorow before I go to bed, I'll get the banner within a week at the latest. I'll let you know when it's up.

I also made the catagories so my page would load faster. With my dial-up it took so much longer with all the banners I had. Eventually you may have to make catagories too. I'm tired too so I understand y you couldnt find it!

No problem and thank you! I'm surprised too! Its always great to do a banner exchange because like you said both sites can get more traffic!

Oh and once mine is up, if your site or your banner ever changes, let me know and I'll change it on my site. If you ever get tired of my banner they'll all be in the same place as that one.
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I have added you both to my links section. Since the site is framed you need to go to and choose the 'links' button.

If you want to link to me you can use the banner below (less than 7kb) and link it to the address above/written on the banner (doh! - my brain isn't working today!)
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Thanks! Gosh, I don't know which of your banners I like the most! I'll pick one and add it right away!
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Yeah! Thanks Jeepers! As soon as I get another day off I'll add both of you to my site. Just be sure you BOTH let me know what catagory you want to be in or suggest one. Sorry I cant get the banners up tonight, I was in town longer than I thought I'd be and thanks to my dial-up it takes a while to add or update things on my site. I will be sure and have it done in under a week. Promise!
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Amber, It looks like my site should go under Personal websites!
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I'll exchange banners and links with you, but I can't do it for a few days. It's just a matter of me uploading stuff to my site. Here is my logo, and the link address is on my signature.
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Sure Hope! I'd be honored to put your banner on my site!
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Gothic Amethyst - I guess I'd be personal website as well.

Hope - Your banner will be up by the end of the day (computer gremlins allowing)
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Mzjazz2u and Jeeperscat, I'm off tommorow and planning to work on my site, I'll add you both in the personal section and let you know when you're up! Thanks for adding me!

Hope, what section on my site do you want to be in(or suggest a new one)?
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Hey guys....[everyone but Hope (need to know where you want to go!)] I've got your banners up. If you want a site description added or anything changed let me know. I can edit it today since I'm off. Mzjazz2u, I edited your banner to remove the white because with my black background it was too much. If that's not ok, I'll change it back to yours.

Oh and I also started today to use my new site editor program so it's possible it only worked on my comp! Let me know if you dont even see anything on this page:
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Amber, when I checked out your site the banners came up as red x's. Just an FYI for ya!
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well atleast something's there lol! Did you try refresh button? I'm not sure what would cause the red x's except the viewers computer.....
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Amber, I tried using the refresh button but it still didn't work. I've visited your site many times before and haven't had a problem. Maybe it's my computer...I dunno. Maybe someone else can try your site & see if they get the banners.

Weird, huh?
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Originally Posted by Gothic_Amethyst
well atleast something's there lol! Did you try refresh button? I'm not sure what would cause the red x's except the viewers computer.....
Hi Amber! All I see is red X's too. That's because the address to the image is on your local hard drive. You may have to edit the html code. Below is the link showing it on your local hard drive only. That's happened to me a lot too. I use Front Page and it doesn't always upload the images correctly.

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Thanks guys....I work tommorow, but am off wed and thurs, so I'll try to fix it then. I'll reply better to your messages then. Right now very sleepy.
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