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Himmy Friend

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I just wanted to share today that I have been
having a heck of a week (and it's only
I'm told you have your good days and you have your
bad days -- but I have learned that all days with
a himmy have made me smile!

There is just something about those cats - sometimes
they just know.
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Yes, WhiskerKitty; Good days or bad days; a cat's love is true. Even when they are being "aloof" or making us pay for something we do; they still have a way of saying, "Ths is for your own good; because I Love You! I hope your week turns around full circle and ends with a bang! (a "good" bang. . )
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Its very true whiskerkitty and threeleggedkat,I know cats can be aloof sometimes, but they have so many ways to show you that they love you.I remember once,when I accidently trapped his tail in the back door,ohh I was so worried,he ran off,but I shouted to him how sorry I was,I thought he'd never forgive me,but he came running back to me for a hug,as if he knew how sorry I was and that it was an accident,cats can be really inteligent and loyal,I love him to bits

I hope you have a better week Whiskerkitty our cats are always there for us,come rain or shine

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Despite claims by other breeds..the Himilayan got it's name from the cave men so therefore is the oldest breed.

Don't believe me??? Come with me as we look back thru the mists of time to a deep cave in the mountains....

Og.....uhhhh..cat(points at animal atop the softest pile of furs in the cave)
Og.....(scratches head)Who..cat...name???? (college man here)
Goo....(stares at cat,thinks reeeeeal hard) mmmmmmmhhhh....Himmmalayyyan....Himalayan down....soon get up,eat...Himalayan down again!!!!!!

So there!!!!!!!
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