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Stupid reporters!

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I can't believe what I have just heard in the noon local news!

Apparently a murder had taken place in the city of Mayagüez (in the west coast of PR) and the police had not identified the victim because it had no ID.

Now, a few minutes after saying that, the same reporter came with a breaking news, saying that the police has identified the victim and that they have the name and he was about to say it.

My first thought was "Whoa, they are going to give the victim's name out on TV without the police being able to contact the family first?".

But then the guy said that the police has ID'd the victim and his name is John Doe! He repeated the name a second time with a face of suredness that gave no doubt he thought that was the real name.

That's when you just drop your head and think "How on earth did that guy get that job as reporter?".

That was quite a blooper.
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That is too funny!! His buddies down at the TV station will be giving him Hell forever for that one!
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LMAO That's a good one.

"Wait a minute, more breaking news... We hear that his wife is named Jane Doe..."

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LOL! Aww, Silly guy.
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Victor, your thread is better suited for the lounge, and I will move it there for you.
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roflmao! I wish I could have seen it!
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