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What's good for dry hands?

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Because of the kittens, I have to wash my hands in antiseptic wash at least 6 or 7 times a day. I'm finding that my hands are dry and chapped. Can you guys recommend something that is good for my hands but also safe for touching newborn and tiny kittens?
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Vaseline Intensive Care, or E45 cream.

Both sink in and never leaves them feeling greasy!
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or cocobutter hand cream.

Put some on your hands generously before you go to bed and put on gloves over night - your hands will be as soft as a babies bottom in the AM.
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I love Vaseline Intensive Care
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Neutrogena Hand Cream (unscented) works best for me - keeps them from cracking, and it's good for people with sensitive skin or allergies (no lanolin). It's really concentrated, so you only need a dab, and the tube is small to fit easily in your purse. The overnight cotton glove trick can really help, too.
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Thanks guys, how much are these creams? The overnight cotton glove trick sounds good and I will use it once kitten season is over. At the moment I can't do it because I'm up feeding kittens every 3 hours throughout the night. Rosie, what's E45 cream? (I'm in Aus)

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I use Vanicream. It's unscented, uncolored, etc. It can be purchased at pharmacies here in the US. Oh, and it's VERY hypoallergenic. Vanicream runs about $7 US for an 8 ounce bottle.
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Neutrogena hand cream runs about $4 US for a tube in Texas. If you can't find some of the brands mentioned, take a look at ingredients in your local store - you want to look for something thick, without unneccesary perfumes & colors (for the kittens' sake), and glycerine is a really good ingredient to look for - it helps the skin hold onto water.

This article might help too:
Seriously Dry Hands
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I wanted to second the Neutrogena hand cream - the norwegian formula. It works wonders on my dry hands!
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I use Vaseline Intensive Care!!
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E45 cream is a really rich, non greasy, non perfumed cream. People with really dry skin swear by it.
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I swear by E45 cream as well. It is brilliant. I use the E45 emulsion for my face, not drying at all and best of all cheap!
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Avon makes some great hand creams. I just bought one from their new spa collection, African shea butter cream. Really good.

If you want to splurge, Mary Kay's satin hands treatment is fabulous.
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The Mary Kay Satin Hands treatment... is that the one where you put the pink stuff on and rub it in, then use the exfoliator lotion, then the soap stuff then wash it off and then apply moisterizer? That stuff is very very nice. Too bad the Mary Kay ladies are blood suckers (the group I met were anyways)
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In case you are interested in E45 here is a website for you.
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I use St. Ives Collagen and Elastin lotion: 99 cents, for an 8-oz. tube, at Big Lots. Its only about $2.00, at other stores. It heals mine up, nicely.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll have to see if they have them here in Australia. As for that Mary Kay stuff, it sounds very indulgent and expensive! LOL
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