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Lilly has been caught!!!

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many of you may remember my post about Lilly, how worried we were when she did not come for the morning feedings and then How we found her scared in the neighbors garage. Well..... this weekend Lilly Cat just walked in our house. So I have trapped her in a kennel big enough for a bull mastif dog (given to me by a friend) and there she will stay untill we can get her in to be spayed. I am so happy. now for her sister and her brother too. and then we will have at least for a moment and entire colony of altered feral, and freeroaming cats!!! but that happens about once a year until the new arrivels (abandoned, other strays or ferals) come in, this is just amazing to me. I would like for Lilly to be an adoptable cat, she is still young, but full of herself. Although she has not struck out at us, only howled, not even hisses. I think I may have a chance with her yet. yeah!!!!!
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You must be so excited. Bravo!!!
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Fantastic!! That must be such a relief.

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That is wonderful news and I do hope you may be able to socialize her and to find her a furever home
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That's so wonderful! Thanks for helping these kitties!
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We took Lilly to the I-CAN clinic and she was spayed yesterday. She was very pregnant so that was sad but good since we can't take in any more right now. She tested negative for FIV and FLuk, so the vet says that our colony should be in the clear, at least for now. She is resting now in our feral room, still very calm, not sure if this is a good thing or not, yesterday she was very vocal but today she hasn't really squeaked a peep, a little concerned about this. She didn't even get active whenI reached in to change the box, water and food, but maybe she still feels a little down. I've not exerienced this with any of our other ferals. Should I be more concerned?
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She was just spayed?

If she had been pregnant and was just spayed, I expect that she's going to be hurting a bit and sluggish.
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hmmmm....my cats were always up and active the next day. Perhaps a call to the vet wouldn't be a bad thing.

Hopefully it is just what Scott is suggesting...exhaustion, but a call to the vet would set your mind at ease.
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So I am a worry wart I know but I called our regular vet and took her in today. Scott was right she is just a little soar and still sluggish he told me to watch her urine and her food intake and to check the site of incision, but that her gums are still pink so all looks well. Now I have a concern with dental disease. In all our years of trapping we have never seen a case of it but the vet says that lilly has a case 1 on a scale of 1-5. she is from the feral colony and I am concerned this may be a problem with more than just her. I know dental disease can cause heart problems, but this is getting way expensive and we are running out of funds, does anyone have experience with dental disease in their colony? how can I effectively and I hate to say inexpensively take care of this?
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Whew! I'm glad she is okay.

Regarding the dental problems, the best way to treat ferals is most likely to feed them foods formulated to stop tarter build-up. Several brands of cat food are now formulated so that this is no longer a problem. Off the top of my head I can't remember what they are, but I remember seeing several types last time I was at PetsMart.

Science Diet seems to have reformulated its food recently, because I am no longer having tarter problems in my indoor cats who all eat Science Diet Hairball Control Senior. (In the past they needed yearly teeth cleanings because it was so bad.)
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I'm so glad your vet said Lilly is OK! (and you're not being a worry wort!) Please keep us up to date how she's feeling!
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soon to come: pictures of Lilly being social. My parents took the digital with them on a mini vacation but as soon as they come home expect to see pictures of Lilly being socialized. This has been a treat to see, she has come so far in just a short time... now to find her a home of her own.
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I feed my ferals raw chicken wings once a month. Knocking on wood, I have never had a problem with dental disease on any of them. Gnawing on the bones, help them to knock down the tarter buildup. I use free range chickens only not the factory chickens and again, the wings are raw.

I am glad you got her spayed, even though she was with kittens. I hope she is back up and around soon.
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I am so happy she is ok .

Hissy ,chicken wings ? What about the bones ? Chicken bones are suposed to be bad for the cats . I am wrong ???
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I had heard that the chicken bones were bad too, but is that just for dogs or both cats and dogs?
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