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Psych Consult Needed...stat!

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I came home to a different cat last night. Recap: Adopted Franz, 8 yr old neutered Maine Coon mix one month ago. Lived in an rescue home for 8 months after being rescued from city pound, previous owner ill or died not sure)I am aware of his timid background, they had a hard time adopting him out since he could not stand adoption fairs. He has adjusted well here, except for a brief spell of constipation which has cleared. Eats well, drinks well, plays well, cuddler, belly rubber, but skittish of some things and new people.

Last night I went out with friends for my B-Day. Off-Broadway show and dinner. Was gone a total 6 hours. Left him plenty of dry, which he loves and he has plenty of toys. He seems to be, for the most part a solo playing toy type. He seemed nervous when I came in, I sensed a change, but went ahead and fed him his wet food, spinkled with his cat grass, nuked for 11 seconds! He ate like he had not eaten in weeks, though the dry food bowl was now 1/2 empty. After a while after I undressed, etc, I went to pick him up for cuddle time and he went into panic mode, scratching etc, ran into bedroom and hid, I went in, he ran out, sat in window sill. I let him be. Eventually it got too cold for the window to be open so I had to get him. I had closed bedroom door (prob bad move) and he meowed plantively to be let in. I finally gave in. He stayed their all night.

This morning and tonight: A little better, ate well, used his box, though I haven't seen him drink. Still scared of me. Has spent almost the entire day in his computer cubbyhole. It's a pull out draw (huge) that I had set up for him when he first came, pillow, my t-shirt. He stopped really using it when he became comfortable. The cubby, is right next to me at the computer, he let's me pet him, he purrs on occasion. I've picked him up, he lets me, but his heart is not in it.

The ONLY thing I can think of is this. My friends from last night have a dog, the dog wasn't there of course, but her smell was. On them, in the car. When I thought of this last night I showered, but, no help. I've had friends over who have dogs, and he is okay with them, though scared at first. And there was a dog in the foster house situation. But all dogs smell differently, so I don't know. I have petted a dog or two on my way home before, and never got any reaction. Any ideas guys, I'm worried sick, I feel like a mother, who dropped her kid on it's head...totally inept! Sorry for the length of this post!

UPDATE: He seems to be accepting ME more, petting, even holding, but retreats to cubby. When he got up for dinner, with my assistance, he looked as if he was AFRAID OF THE HOUSE, tail down and body low to the ground...I don't know maybe he heard something last night that spooked him. He is napping comfortably in cubby, when awake, I can even pet his belly. I don't get this. If he want to move I hope he has some secret $$$$$..LOL!
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When you come home yesterday and had all the smell on you from different people and maybe animals , Franz may had a flash back of the past . Also the smell in the shoes could have coust (sp)it . And remember 1 month is not really a long time for Franz . It will take much longer if Franz was abused in any way . Give him more time in forgeting what ever happen in the passed . If Franz has a spell like that again , just ignore him and he will come to you when he is ready .
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You could have picked up a ton of smells, and anything could have triggered his attack- cigarette smoke, animal smells, just a major scent overload for him. Plus you left him making him wonder if he was going to get dumped again. I would put some vanilla extract under his chin and some on you as well-
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Thanks Hissy, I'll try the vanilla extract. I updated my post so please take a look. The smell thing I'm not sure of. I'm a nurse at 2 NYC homeless shelters...over 600 people...some smells are better than others if you get my drift. And I ride the subway...now if there is not a variety of smells there...
But yes, I'll try the vanilla...maybe I'll try it at the shelters as well...I have to laugh or I'll cry.
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It could be the dog odour, but caring owners instincts can be quite good so if you feel nothing was really different to other times you come home, you areprobably right.
acouple of things occur to me.
This was the weekend......any chance you had kids bouncing ball against the house? dog visiting next door and barking in the yard? If he had outdoor access he may have been bullied by another cat and no longer feel his territory is safe.

Don't feel bad. This is a hiccup, and the same care that won him around initially, will very quickly have him feeling secure again.
You may never discover what caused the problem.
I would consider giving him some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy(herbal supplier) which helps to chill them out,, and or buying a Felliway Diffuser (vet or Petsmart)...........small plug in unit, not expensive, based on feline facial pheremones, it makes the area feel "cat friendly".

If he keeps repeating the freak out it may be worth having it checked by the vet, as there are a couple of medical conditions that can produce this schizoid behaviour as a symptom......but don't rush there! one tree isn't a forest!!

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I have a 4 year old female, Pearl, that was abused before she came to me. She has spells when she is fine and sociable, and sometimes she regresses back to the closet, her safe spot. She always come back around, though. Patience has been the key for us. She may never be completely fearless, but she has come farther that we ever hoped she would. Good luck to you and Franz! It was so wonderful of you to adopt an older cat.
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Thank you for all you kind words of encouragement. I tend to over do it sometimes. Must be the nurse in me...I want to cure everyone! I will try the Bach remedy and the Feliway. Feliway on payday though! In the meantime I'll take my meds! Of course he loved me at breakfast this AM! Okay off to work!
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Hummm, maybe that's why my KittenKiya spazes out sometimes. He is a Maine Coon cross who was adopted from the Humane Society as a kitten, but has always had this hugh lump on his head. I think someone tried to kill him. He was so slow that he was 7 months old before he meowed and when he did, he scared himself. Just be patient and slow and very quiet around your baby. To this day, I still can not pick KittenKiya up, he just panics. I have never even yelled at him, but yet he spazes and is gone. Talk, talk, talk to your baby. Sometimes when KittenKiya is scared, I just tell him that he is the most beautiful cat in the world and that I love him dearly, and you can almost see him start to relax. Take your time, it is worth it. KittenKiya sleeps either on my bed by my side, or sleeps on the floor right beside my bed guarding me. Maine Coons are such LOVERS.
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