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Secret Santa List here

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Air Princess
Debra Myers

anyone else?
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Bah Humbug!!
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Hi! Okay, I'm game -- what is the Secret Santa's
List? Sounds fun . . .
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The people that sign up will be paired off and play each other's Secret Santa. Gifts will not be expensive- as soon as everyone has signed on that is interested the majority will decide the cap on the price. Then at Christmas, you have an extra gift to open and get to figure out who it is that gave it to you. Everyone interested will email me their addresses, so say if you picked AP then I would let you know her address and you take it from there.
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Hissy how come you always come up with such great ideas!!!
Count me in too!!!!! I'll play Auntie Claus for soemone with the utmost pleasure
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I'm in.....
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Hey, its September!! Couldn't it wait until mid October or November? But count me in too.

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Originally posted by donna
Bah Humbug!!
Donna....you old scrooge!!! *hugs*.....I take it that's a no? :laughing: :laughing2
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Hissy, I would also like to join the secret santa group!
This is a great idea because we can try to figure out what our person is really like and also inject our own personalities in this - but please, when you do your list, our Connecticut group should not get each other as we know each other too well and I think we should try to get to know some of the others on the list!
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Good point Rene, there seems to be quite a few people here from Connecticut.
But how would Hissy manage the drawing and still try to keep it fair?

Oh what am I saying? This is Hissy we're talking about here, if she can manage her hectic, animal filled life, she can surely handle this!
(hugzzz Hissy and much respect!)
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I would absolutely love to, except for the fact that we'll be financially challenged once the baby arrives in December as well!!

Although, I want to keep thinking about it so is there some sort of deadline as to when we need to join in by??
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I would also like to know if there is a deadline. It takes me a while to make up my mind.

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What a great idea Hissy!

What about for just gifts for their
or both?

Can you post some gift list ideas as the time
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How about it has to be a cat oriented gift? We certainly know that the person will like it and we can try to figure out what they would like the best? We would all get to buy something we like to buy and know the person would actually enjoy getting something cat! Sandie, Imagyn, Donna, Michele, Frannie, Clint and I are lucky because we get to buy cat things for each other - but the rest of my family would just not appreciate my cat taste! What do you think? After all, this is a cat site?

Hissy could put the Connecticut people's names in the hat first and choose for other people - after our names are gone, she can put in the other names and choose for us and whoever else did not get a Connecticut person?

Also, for anyone who would like to be part of this and can't afford to go out and buy something - a hand made gift is always appreciated and welcome - do you sew? Cat beds, cat toys, a cat hanging, a small painting, hand made Christmas ornament, cat tee shirt, and the list goes on. Everyone has some type of talent and could do something cat. I would hate for people not to be able to be part of this because of the financial end of things. My oldest daughter lives in Vermont and makes wonderful Christmas gifts - she is making me a cat afghan that will mean more to me than any gift she could buy!
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Great idea Rene! Only I need to know my person a bit earlier so that I can have time to post the pressie
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Is there a deadline? I would love to but my hubby and I will be financially challenged, too
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I too would love to participate but worry a little about funds. Since the wedding is November 24th this year I'm afraid we aren't going to have much of a "gift" Christmas. I am sure I could find something neat that would fit my budget but I am worried that the limit everyone decides on might be too high for me! Maybe their shouldn't be a price limit since it is the thought that matters?
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This is going to be fun!
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Okay, count me in. I think this is a fun idea and I esp. like the idea of a cat theme.

In response to 2 other posts:

I think the price limit would be the upper limit, not the minimum amount. And creativitiy should count more than cost!

Also, since we do not all live in North America, I think it's good to start planning this early, though I'd leave it open until Halloween, just so everyone gets a chance to see this
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