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What would you all think???? Please everyone read this post!

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If we did a secret santa gift exchange with other members? My idea is for those people interested to let me know by say the middle of November. The cost would be set (low) whatever the majority thinks is "fair." Names will be drawn, two at a time, and those two will be each other's secret santa. When or if you sign up for this, list 5 things you have an interest in so the other person can get a general idea what to get you. You will be notified who you are to play secret santa to and the rest is up to you. For those of you of other faith, please sign up as well, I mean not to exclude you in this idea, and if you celebrate another type of holiday around that time of year, just include it in your initial list of your interests....
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I really like that idea. I just hope it doesnt work out like the book that is now MIA
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I think it's a great idea. I'm up for anything so count me in
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I am distressed about the book issue, but there is nothing I can do about it. I don't even have a clue where it is? This Secret Santa has been done on other boards fairly successfully. It is fun to try and guess who your santa is, and the gifts are usually light-hearted and well thought out.
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I think it's a really fun idea. Count me in. I am probably the world's biggest Scrooge concerning the holidays, but I'm up for this one. Let's see if I get the gift before or after the cat book. (Care to place bets, anyone?)
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i am in
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To everyone who needs to put a couple of pennies in their joke meter:

The comments about the "HMS Titanic Cat Book" were meant to be lighthearted.

No intent to bash anybody over its mysterious disappearance. For all we know, some rogue mailman took it home.
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It sounds like a neat idea. Count me in.
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Christmas is my "favorite time of the year"! Now there will be presents under the "wonder bed" to go along with the lights. (that have been up, thank you, since the 4th of July) Of course, you can count me IN!! I already resemble a "plus size" version of Mrs. Clause. (now where did I put that fur trimed cap. . . Is that it there way under the "wonder bed". . . .Nope, just my faux fur thong!!! :pinky::pinky: Okay, never mind. . . . . . where's that holiday music??????
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You can definitely count me in.

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Don't do the holidays - but it sounds like a fun idea - and I can't wait to see who thinks who got them what!!
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I would LOVE to do this!!!! But here's my question......after names are drawn....say as an example, Deb25 gets my name, and I get Darlene's. How would Deb get my address without me knowing it was her? Because I won't post it on the site,only in PM, so how would she get it? And how would I get Darlenes, without her knowing it was me asking for it?
I think it is a GREAT idea, if we can work it out!
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Sounds like a fun idea to me - only thing is that may cause a little problem with me here in no mans land is the are my dilemas:
1) customs - if I send/receive a package it may be opened and lost in customs here
2) the only way for me to send/receive something successfully is by DHL or Federal Express....which can prove to be somewhat expensive depending upon where my person lives and what is on the list...
I guess I can get over those things so I suppose count me in!
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I would have everyone who wants to do this addresses, and I would send them on along to the name of the person who has drawn you. say for example TLK is your secret santa, I would email her with that info along with your address and she takes it from there. So basically, the only one who can't get surprised is the person putting it together, which would be me. Understand? I guess it is a trust issue, because you would have to let your home address out, and I know of members on other boards that did this, who were uncomfortable with that, so they just went down and rented a P.O. box for the month of December and then stopped their usage of it.
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This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not a Christian, but I wouldn't mind joining in. Regular mail would work fine here, but everything would have to be sent at least one month in advance if sent by sea (to save on shipping costs).

Another idea... as I'm guessing lots of us would put cats on their list, those of you looking for cat related gifts can find them through this site's shop. That way, you can have them sent directly from or Amazon to the person they want (and yes...I do get a commission ). I am going to set up a special Xmas page on the shop as soon as the shops get out their Xmas products.

By the way, if I am accepted, don't match me up with Amanda. Nothing personal, it's just that I don't think we can mail each other...

Great idea Hissy!
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Would this solve the problem of International mail? (I think it is) or is a service that sets up like a gift certificate, for whatever $ value you determine; and the money can be spent by recipient at hundreds of internet shops. Just a suggestion. . . . .

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And it is flooz dollars here is the site

Flooz Dollars
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Great idea Hissy! I'd love to participate!

Ok, not to stir the pot...but whats the deal with the book? I must have missed any post regarding it, last I heard it was safe and accounted for?
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If you know something, then feel free to share. I have no idea where the book is. Last heard, Chuck had it but I don't know if he forwarded it on or not? There are many people wondering where the book went.
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I think I was supposed to get the book next. Chuck hasn't contacted me yet for my address. I've been checking my E-mail and PM box...
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I jumped in here a little late... but I'm in. What a fun idea!!
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Flooz has joined the dot com doom victims:

To be honest, I don't like gift certificates. Getting a package in the post office is a lot more fun!
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Seems alot of these companies are biting the dust. I have heard is in trouble now as well?
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I hope not! They owe me some money for cat books
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