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Neuter Scooter in IN!!

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The neuter scooter will be in Wolcott, IN in White County, just south
of Merrillville and east of DeMotte on 4/19/04, offering $40 cat
spay/neuters including FREE distemper/rabies shots with surgery!

The contact for an appointment is Robyn Poole at 219-279-2055.

Sterilizations can be performed on pregnant cats (no extra charge for
abortions), lactating cats (nursing cats with milk or cats still
having milk from nursing), male cryptorchids (cats having one or both
testicles not descended (no extra charge for this additional
operation!) and even on mother cats with nursing kittens (mention
this when you make an appontment and you will be given special

Any kitten SIX WEEKS or older and any cat can be spayed. (The free
rabies shot cannot be given to kittens under 12 weeks of age though.)

Feral cats brought in traps are $20 for the same package! Cats from
shelters with shelter ID numbers are only $30 for the package.

Other services offered to cats being spayed/neutered are feline
leukemia/FIV combo tests ($20), microchipping with registration
($25), feline leukemia vaccine ($10), worming with drontal
(tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms) ($10), topical flea medication
(Advantage) ($10), ear cleaning ($15), ear mite medication ($5),
additional pain shop prior to the release of the cat ($10) (This is
highly reccommended), pain meds to give cats at hiome ($5). None of
these service are required, but are available at neuter scooter.

Cats are checked in in the morning and picked up in the evening on
the same day. Check in and pick up times and drop off location are
given upon appointment confirmation.

Could you pass the word? Kitten season is almost upon us and the
more cats spayed/neutered, the less that will be born to die.
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I wanted to add some advice here...I have used the Neuter Scooter with both my cats..if you decide to take them (I recommend it) get there early and plan to be there for awhile. There are always a ton of people who show up and I have seen several people get rather rude that they cannot walk right in and back out again.
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