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Sunday's DT

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Well, nothing new, just woke up
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I am trying to nurse a hangover from last night...yuck! It isn't too bad just an annoying headache! But...I had so much fun with the gang last night. We haven't hung out with those friends since November. Well, my father and I made up last week and I took him to breakfast yesterday morning for his birthday (his birthday is actually today). We are getting along just fine now!! Today, I am just going to work on cleaning and trying to get a lot of school work out of the way! I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!
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I woke up too early, read the paper, fed the menagerie and changed the litter boxes. Bought stuffed bunnies, for the grandbabies and now I have nothing to do, until time to cook dinner. Its only 9:45.
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It's a work on the house weekend for us. We got up yesterday and re-sealed the driveway. This morning we got up and went to the nursuery and bought a small Christmas Palm to put in our front yard. While hubby did that, I've been inside doing laundry, vacuuming, mopping. . . Boring yet necessary.
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I took a few days away too gather myself and now I'm better. Not 100% yet but better. Today is my first day off with Brad in weeks(as most of you know it almost didn't happen, I am glad it worked out because I really needed it) and we really haven't done much of anything, just went to the mall and I got my hair cut(boy did it need it!) then we came home. that's about it. I think we needed this day(me more then we I guess) to unstress and unwind. It has been the perfect day for me.
BTW: thanks for listening to me, it helped me to know that there were people who I could count on and who would understand my rantings! Hopefully things will go up from here.
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I went to church, went grocery shopping, and did a lot of work around the house - cleaning in the kitchen, laundry, chopping up the vegetables I need for the week. I also had some work I brought home over the weekend to do... of course, I waited until Sunday to get it done!
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We are getting the back ready for the garden this year. I harrowed the area and rototilled what I could. Some of it was just to wet. Found a ton of baling twine in the dirt, and so I started the burn pile and we put all the downed tree limbs and twine on the fire. Let the horses out for some light grazing. Racer was only out an hour then I put him back. But now the wind is kicking up and it looks like a storm is headed our way. But it was a nice day and I was glad to be able to work outside for a change. We pulled up all the grapevines- as they were sour grapes used for wine by the person who had this house before. We will plant table grapes as soon as the weather permits.
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