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My knickknacks

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I seem to have an eclectic collection of dust-catchers: cat and Dalmatian figurines, shoe music boxes, stuffed animals and cat-shaped picture frames.

Here is my latest acquisition: Anabel is from Avon. Since I am into Victoriana and love cats, I had to have her. I will be getting a display dome for her. Besides keeping her dust-free, that feather boa would be just TOO tempting, to Rowdy.
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These are my angels. The one in the purple dress DOES have wings - you just can't see them, from the front. I bought the Dalmatian one, after my previous dog, Sponsor, died. From the same collection, I got a basset houd angel, for my mom and a Dalmatian for Katey (Ike's grandma).
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Very nice! Can we see more? I have a nice little collection of porcelain dolls! one of my aquisitions is a Jackie Kennedy bride doll. And I've got a couple of really big dolls too. I don't have too many because most of them were in the $500-$900 range. So I have to wait till one just REALLY tickles my fancy!
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I love knick knacks, we have heaps of Royal Daulton(sp??) and Gainsborough dolls but as you know we buy and sell antiques. Here's one of my faves.

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I'm trying to get a good, clear picture of my porcelain shoe music boxes. There was supposed to be a series of 10, one for each decade of the 20th century. I got the 1910s, '20s, '40s, and 80s but, they stopped the series. There are several miniature shoes and purses on my dresser and a few trinket boxes. My newest one has a pure white kitty angel on it. It reminds me of my Peanut.
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I love the pictures! They are all so pretty! I will have to take some pics of my collectables...but first have to post some pics of Amber! So much to post...so litle time!
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Ya know, I always heard that great minds think alike, and I'm beginning to believe it now. I had the thought the first of the week to post some pics of the cat-related dustcatchers at my house but things got busy and I didn't make it, but looks like the other Cindy did! Will have to post some of mine too, but be forewarned that there are several of mine, they're starting to take over my house !
BTW, Cindy, where did you get the purple angel kitty? I have one too!
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I got my purple angel at the Family Dollar Store. She cost me a whole 79 cents!
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