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Top sheet pattern side up or down?

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OK, here's one of those silly household things that I think people do differently - when you make up a bed, so you put the top sheet on with the pattern side (the 'right' side) up, or with the pattern side down, so when you turn down the covers you see the pattern side?

(I'm cleaning house, and my mind tends to go off on some strange tangents when I'm doing that...)
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I always have done it pattern side down so that when I fold up the top, the pattern goes up. I learned it from my mother lol
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We do pattern side down, so when you fold over the sheet on a "properly" made bed the pattern shows. Not that we ever actually make our bed like that, we're lucky if the covers get thrown back over the bed. But that's how hubby likes it done. I actually never gave it any thought until I met him...
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Whoops - I go right side down also, but I hit the wrong button when I voted!
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I always do right side up, it just seems upside down to me if I don't. (I also don't fold over the sheet when I make the bed, either, so that doesn't even matter!) The only exception are flannel sheets, so that the soft side can be near our bodies.
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Yep! pattern side down, so the folded over edge shows the pattern, and when you turn the bed down for your guests, the pattern is visible, top and bottom. 'Course, that's after you put the dainty wrapped chocolate on the pillow, and freshen the flowers on the dresser. Riiiiiiight! They'll have to find a different hotel for that service!
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What, exactly is "making the bed"?

Bill and I just put on the fitted bottom sheet and spread the top sheet and comforter over it. By morning, its twisted every which way, with cats nested here and there. At bedtime, we just spread everything out, again.

(Actually, at Christmas, I DID make the bed, pillow shams and all. I knew that Sam would be going in there, to nurse the babies and figured that it would be nicer.)
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I do pattern side up. I don't fold it back so I don't have to worry about it. I've been told numerous times that's not the "proper" way, but the other way looks strange to me!!
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Pattern side down...I learned this from a woman who taught me to be a hotel housekeeper when I was a teenager. I've forgotten her name, but remember clearly her swollen ankles and the little poodle which followed her constantly. I use alot of the "tricks of the trade" she taught me when cleaning my own home.
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Pattern side down. And thank you for the reminder, I needed to get the sheets in the wash tonight before it got too late!
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Pattern side down, of course! I learned it from my grandmother who was an eccentric copy of "Mz Manners" That woman drove me nuts! They also taught us that many, many years ago (25) before I finished school and was working as a housekeeper in the hospital!
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I voted That the pattern goes up. But I never gave it much thought. The top sheet endes up getting tossed off that bed and we sleep with just a blanket.
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Well I'm strange I normally don't sleep with sheets but when I do, and I make the bed( ) I have the pattern side up so I can see it and I don't fold it back.
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Pattern side down.
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pattern side down
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Pattern side up.
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