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sleeping kitties

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I was curious to know if your cats sleep with you and if they do, where do they like to do it?

My cat, Maggie, for example, loves to sleep lying directly on top of my chest with her nose almost touching mine! It's very cute, but can really freak me out in the morning when I wake up with a fur ball staring me in the face!
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Hi Mindi, I moved this to the behavior forum. Some cats like to sleep on their humans because they are warm and remind them of mom. It is usually a very nice compliment. Hopefully you adjust to the new found fir in your face..
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From what I've read, cats like to sleep in our beds because that's where they feel safe and loved. For them it's much like the nest the mother cat makes for the kittens.

Fortunately, my cats prefer to sleep closer to our feet. You get used to sleeping in the same position all night so as not to disturb the cats
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My boys both sleep in my bed. One has to sleep between my legs (but on top of the covers). It's hard on my because I'm a restless sleeper and he pins me in place. The other one doesn't like to be on or touching me - just in bed with me. And he only likes sleeping on the sheets. He won't lay on the comforter - I have to pull part of the blankets back for him to be on the sheet.

The funniest thing I wake up to is toys ALL over the bed. Even big toys like a "fishing pole." Apparently they just want me to play with them all night long. Thankfully, I'm not a light sleeper.
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My Merlin likes to sleep either right on top of me, or right beside me, as close as he can get....It gives me as much comfort as it must give him....I feel so loved when I feel his little body next to mine. He is my baby
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My little girl Ariel has taken to wrapping around my neck in the middle of the night. I finally got used to it and now she keeps me warm during these winter months. Pretty strange that she's one of the ones who hated to be picked up as a kitten.
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Three of mine take turns sleeping on my pillow. When Misty is there, it is not a problem as she is very tiny and curls into a ball but, when it is Chelsea's turn, she sprawls all over the pillow and I end up with a crick in my neck.When not sleeping on my pillow, Chelsea sleeps in the bathroom sink. The third pillow sleeper is Bizzy and she insists on having her nose againts my face which can get a little annoying. All the guys and girls know to stay on Mom's side of the bed as they will be on the floor if they get on Dad's side.
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My Louise is up all night playing and romping around the house. She is very active at night! She doesn't come in my room at night becuase she would keep me awake all night and I would never get any sleep. Buddy will come in and lie down for a while, but once he hears Louise up and about, he cries to go out of the room and play with her. However, during the day, if I am home and Louise is feeling sleepy, she will curl up in my lap to sleep. Her favorite place to be is in somebody's lap!
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I feel lucky. My little Lily sleeps with me all night. When I go to bed Lily comes to bed also. Lily starts off lying on top of me, or she will crawl under the covers and curl up, then just when I am about to nod off she moves to her blanket at the foot of the bed and that is where she is when I wake up. What a doll. She usually sleeps in until I am off to work.
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Awwwwwwww....Lily sounds like a little doll! How sweet!
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Well, I have 8 cats and they ALL want to sleep with mommie. Last night 7 of them were vying for a spot at the head of the bed. My 2 sphynxes sleep under the covers with me. The rest are all over the place. I ended up with a sore shoulder last night because I was a contortionist sleeper (heaven forbid I should move and disturb one of them!). Tonight I sleep alone! Don't say "Aw, poor kitties" There's another bedroom with a full size bed and tons of kitty beds to sleep in.
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We have about 9 cats that insist on sleeping with us every night. My Shynx also sleeps under the covers - one of my munchkins sleeps on top of the clock radio next to me every night - my rescue from Puerto Rico (Leon Rey) sleeps with his paws around my hand and his face on my hand and purrs most of the night. My munchkin Cupid sleeps on my head. Our Tabby Tweedle sleeps curled up next to my husband and our white cat Polar sleeps between his feet. My blue and white long hair Mouse sleeps on top of me and many of our other cats come in and out during the night to take turns sleeping on my husbands back. We are totally used to this now and when we go away without our cats we are easily confused as to why our bed is so empty. As our cats feel safe with us, we feel safe with them.
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vvvvv4 vvvvvvvvvvvcc

My darling kitten, Mocha, typed that for you all

Mocha started sleeping in our bed as soon as we got her home - and for two weeks it was great - she would sleep between my partner and I with a part of her body touching each of us. All of a sudden she has become a menace at night and wakes up all the time wanting to play hard. If we lock her out of the room she crys and throws herself at the door. She is now 12 weeks - any suggestions as to what might have happened ?
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Sounds like she was used to sleeping with you two and is a little confused as to why she can't anymore. As Rene said, when cats sleep with us, they feel sfe. The only suggestion I can make is possibly getting her a kitty bed and put it next to yours. Anybody else have any other suggestions?
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If I followed you (and I'm pretty sleepy so don't count on that) - first she became a menace and then you began to lock her out at night right?

Well, I can't imagine a 3 month old kitten who can sleep in the bed with you withuot trying desperately for the bed mice. You know the bed mice don't you? The ones that hide under the covers and are said to be the tastiest in the world! No cat has yet caught them, but kittens will always try!

She will grow out of this eventually. By the time she's 1 year old she'll probably snuggle next to you and doze off. Until then, your best bet would be to get another kitten (that is if you're willing to take on the responsibility of caring for another cat for the next 20 years or so). Two are much easier than one as they keep each other company at night (and during the day as well!).
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Good idea! Everyone should have more than one cat
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Awww, don't lock her out of your bedroom! I know you need your sleep...but imagine if YOU were locked out of the bedroom of the one you love at night. Try some alternatives before you lock her out....everyone on here has such good advice.
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Thanks guys for your help...I did feel mean the night I locked her out but my partner was getting really stressed and had a big presentation to do the next day at work (and we gave her until 2 am to settle). I could see no option.

Funnily enough - she was fine last night - with the only change being our exchange student moving out. Perhaps she was stressed about someone else being in the house ?

I had no idea I could love an animal so much. I am so proud of her....
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