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Need Help with a Carrier

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I need some expert advice. I am looking for a carrier for Franz, my 15 lb Maine Coon, it's not the weight I'm concerned with it's his length. As per Sherpa, I've meaused him from the nape of his neck to the base of his tail (now THAT was a project...that mean SNAKE tape measure kept attacking him!) He is approx 18 inches in length, so I would guess I need to find a carrier at least 19, preferably 20 inches in length. But were do you find one without breaking the bank. I mean I don't spend over $25 for my backpacks! I'm looking for something under $40...hopefully a soft one, am I dreaming? Checking Ebay as well...if the price is right, the length is not HELP! Any ideas guys?
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I just got me a good one from Super-Wal-Mart . I think I got the medium size and that would fit your big baby . It cost around $ 30.00 dollars . You always can place a nice towel insite so it is soft enough for him , that is what I do . Btw. that size I got is for a small dog , so for sure your Franz will fit in there . Good luck
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Thanks Hedi!
Don't have a Wal-Mart up here, and couldn't find them (the carrier at their site) but I'll keep checking!
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The humane society here (Michigan) sells them for $15. I think they're used, so they might not have every size, but it might be worth try!
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Try Meowhoo.com

Hope this helps

They have a 22 inch length one here for a good price of $35

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Thanks guys...wonderful suggestions; I will check them out!
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We have the same problem - JC is super-long. I bought a two-cat carrier called the "Clipper 2" for him. It's hard-sided, though, and cost around $35 on sale. I couldn't find a soft-sided "Sherpa" carrier that accommodated him. He doesn't fit into the "small dog" carriers. He also doesn't fit into the standard-size litterboxes, and requires a floor-to-ceiling scratching post (our cat tree is 7 ft.). We have a couple of scratching boards hung on the walls for him, and the upper edge has to be at least 3 ft. off the ground to prevent him from "catching" the walls. He has a narrow little face, and a lean body, so people are shocked when he stretches out while standing on his hind legs and manages to put his front paws above their waists. He also easily jumps from the ground to the shoulders of anyone under 6 ft.. My mom calls him "the alien", but the reason is that his mother was an Oriental Shorthair, and his presumed father a Norwegian Forest Cat. All five kittens were long and narrow, and he was the biggest of the litter.
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Thanks Jcat...I will check out that carrier. I have a bid on an ebay one that is 19inches long. Nice to know If I don't win it, I have other options. Franz is a black and white guy too, just long haired. He told me to tell JC "Meow!"
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I am moving soon so I just bought a bunch of pet carriers for my birds to travel the few hours in. I liked them because they were taller than average so the birdies could stand up more easily and I just looked and they are 20 inches long.... better yet I also see that they are 20 inches long. I got them at Petsmart for 13.99 US

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Thanks Talon...what kind of birds do you have??? I love birds, even our NYC pigeons...which some people call flying rats. I love their coos and their constant pecking!
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