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name that kitten

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I found two small kittens today...
I of course rushed them to the vet so they could be tested for flv and wormed...
My neighbor took one and i kept one..
The vet says she is 4 weeks old...they suggested a paste of kitten food for her to eat...
I asked if she needed kittens milk...they said no...
anyway she is very tiny and small boned...long black hair...
the tiniest face.
5If you have any suggestions for a name i would appreciate it
also any suggestions on how to take caRE OF HER..
she has not ate any of the food...or drank water...i was wondering if i can use a syringe...?
I think someone dumped these babys off...please help...
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Congratulations! I can't think of a name right now but I'll turn my thinking cap on high!
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When my cat Spyder was a kitten, he would not eat on his own, I had to put some of the catfood on my finger and put it in his mouth, after a few tastes he would eat, but I had to do it everytime. Now He's going on 3 years and I can't get him to stop eating, LOL!!!

Anyway, a syringe should work ok, try adding extra water in some canned food and making it a bit thin, that way she will get water and food at the same time.

What is her personality like, that would make it easier to think of a name. Stormy was a tiny long black haired kitten and she'd tear around the house like a wildwind, so Stormy seemed to fit!.
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A black, longhaired female? Hmmm...

How about:

Onyx <--- My favorite!




Thanks for saving the little ones life!!!
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How about Special, since it sounds like she needs some special TLC?

When we had kittens that wouldn't eat, we would put a bit on their lips and they would lick it off then they would bury their face in the plate and eat till their tummies were big and fat!

Good luck with her!
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Please consider feeding her kitten glop. She is at the age where she would be coming off of mom's milk, but she still needs sustanance.

To make glop you need:

8 ounces water
1 package Knox unflavored gelatin
8 ounces whole evaporated milk
2 egg yolks
2 tablespoons regular mayonnaise
2 tablespoons plain yogurt
1 teaspoon Karo or corn syrup
Liquid pet vitamins
1 capsule of acidophilus
1 drop grapefruit seed extract

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Mix in the rest of the ingredients stir quickly, remove from heat. Refrigerate until glop solidifys. Scoop out what you need and serve to the kitten warm.

(*source Kittens for Dummies by Dusty Rainbolt*)
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Sophie or Lucy, I love those names.
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I dont know what these things are?
and where do i get it?

Liquid pet vitamins
1 capsule of acidophilus
1 drop grapefruit seed extract
she still has not drank or ate....i am assuming she is qutie scared and may not do so until tommorow...
I put her in my xlarge dog kennel with food water litter and blankets and two small stuffed animals to cuddle up to....I have told the kids she can not be handled until she is a little older and more settled...
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You might want to put a ticking alarm clock in under a blanket too for her. We used to do that with the kittens if the momma left them to simulate her heartbeat. They seemed more content with that sound there and would snuggle up around the clock.
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Thanx abby
someone else asked about her personality...honestly i cant tell yet...she is very quiet and just wants to be warm on your lap...
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I found a baby kitten in my yard this past fall that was so small he still had his umbelical cord..The vet I took him to said to put warm water in a plastic bottle and wrap a towel around it to keep him warm...that might help too..of course if you do all that there may not be room for the kitten in there!
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I can do that! Its a huge cage
Thanx Lorien
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Good luck with her Lorien. After you have been with her awhile a name will come to you.(and yes I agree Sophies a great name!) How is she ??
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she is tucked up asleep with her stuffed animals and a nice warm bottle under her towel She seems ok...but very sure she is wondering what the heck is going on...and why does a big brown dog...a smooshed face cat...and a cat without a tail keep staring at me through the kennel door LOL....
I looked her over and she is in very good shape for an abandoned fleas etc...the vet said this also...she is very clean...someone just didnt want them..
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just a little thought...Depending on how large your kennel, you could put a paper bag (with the top rolled down a bit to help keep it open) in there with a small blanket to give her a little cubby hole if she chooses to retreat. That way, she may not be as likely to feel like such an itty bitty kitty cowering in a great big kennel! I agree that it's hard to name a kitty when you can't see her or be around her to get a feel for her personality, but some beautiful names have been presented!
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Hmmmm - thin-boned and dark hair. How about "Audrey", for Audrey Hepburn? Or, "Holly Golightly", Hepburn's character in "Breakfast At Tiffany's".
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Here's two name suggestions:

Angel because she sounds like such a sweet little kitten.
Lucky because she's lucky you found her and took her in.

How is the kitten doing this morning?
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I have been feeding her from a syringe...and im not really sure how much to give her?
she will not eat from the matter how many times i stick some on her mouth
she is also crying alot
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I would be bottle feeding this baby, at least for two more weeks, maybe three. I would be feeding her about 5 times a day. KMR which you can get at the grocery store. You can also get a nurser bottle at the grocery store. Pierce the nipple with a sterilized needle, make sure the hole works (sometimes it doesn't). You can buy grapefruit seed extract at a health food store, and pet vitamins at your vets or at a pet food store. The rest of the ingredients in kitten glop you can get at any good grocery store. Goats milk can be found in the baking section in a can, and Karo Syrup can be found with the maple syrups etc...

Your baby needs to eat, you need to be sure she is going potty as well. She is so young, she should still be with the mom. But you need to get her to eat.

Where are you located?

Also in the SOS Forum there is a subforum called Bottle Babies. If you only see one post, scroll down the bottom and click where it says to show all messages- find the words from the beginning, click on it and the forum will open up. It was a special forum designed to help those with baby orphaned kittens.
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I will go get the stuff to bottle feed her...she does have will she chew the nipple?
do i feed her the kitten glop and KmR...
I hate to ask this hissy...but can you do me a favor and write out how much and when to give her ?
Ill go look at the bottle fed section right now...
Thanx lorien
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oh hissy?
do i also need to be helping her go with a warm washcloth...or will she go on her own now?
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How about Elf? Or Elfie? I hope she starts eating soon!
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Check your pm's- sent you all the information-
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Got it hissy....thanx she lapped some glop up all by herself...your right ...they love that stuff!!

still stuck on the names though...
Lila...means night
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ooo i like audrey also...i like all the names you all have suggested...
for now i have just been calling her little bit ...or little one
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YAY! So glad to hear it! Now if she will only go potty for you. I would hold off on the name, they generally end up naming themselves by their character and actions and personality.

Good job!
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