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Entertainment video for cats?

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I just bought a video for my cats ("Cat Sitter," it's called) off of ebay because they like to watch the birds outside.

I was wondering if anyone has bought one of these for their cats and if they liked it? One of my cats gets alert when the cats meow in the "if you want a fresher house, raise your paw" commercial, so I'm hoping they'll like it.
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I've been eyeing those videos for a while. JC gets excited over elephants, dinosaurs (he loves "Walking with Dinosaurs" - I bought the video just for him), and used to watch the Teletubbies every evening when he was little. I think the rabbits were the big attraction. One of my sister's cats likes Disney's animated films (his favorite is "Mulan" - he sits through the entire film). We've put up a bird feeder outside our living room window for JC's entertainment. Let us know if the video is a hit!
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Haha! We live on the third floor of apartment building and we set up a bird feeder on the fire escape outside of our bathroom and set up a nice table in front of the window with a soft lining of fur on it (I bought it from JoAnn Fabrics). They all go crazy over the birds, chirping and hunching over.

I'll keep everyone posted on the video.
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I bought one of those cat videos from PetSmart and Simba my Siamese sat and watched it for 5 minutes. Nala and Faline didn't seem to understand there was a video on for them, LOL, and Tiger wasn't here or was to small to notice and watch it.
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I don't have any of those videos, but I do have actual birds in the house. The cats like to stalk the tiny ones (who are safely in sturdy cages - and the cats get scolded for this) - the real treat is for the cats to stalk to bigger birds.... they set up the stare, the but wiggle (but no pounce)... then the big bird notices kitty - Great kitty wants to play!!! Bird runs full tilt TOWARD cat - who promptly turns tail, and hides under the bed for a few yours. I often imagine the look they give me later as "Birds aren't supposed to chase cats?!!!"

More of this reverse order of things was brought home to me - one of the cats was outside, a little poofy dust mop of a dog came by - cat chase dog out of cats yard.
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My girls are not TV watchers so it would be useless to get them a video. My cats are usually on top, behind or under the TV napping or cleaning themselves.
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I have two different videos. My cats love them. I have trouble with keeping the cats from climbing and trying to get in the tv while they watch them.
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My cats love it & will watch it for hours on end.
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