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First cuddles

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Here we are breaking the rules and holding our new kittens...Very gently and VERY BRIEFLY - just to get some pictures. I almost didn't post these because of that, but they're so sweet I couldn't resist. They are six days old now and they're growing so fast and FAT. Oreo's eyes are beginning to open!

Here's my favorite!!!! First cuddle/snuggle

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They are so sweet and so small! Makes me want another little kitten myself It's hard to believe Dori was that small once.
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Oh my goodness, how sweet!!!
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I agree - seeing them makes me want another kitten!!!! But first I need a bigger house.

Absolutely ADORABLE!
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Too, too precious!! Absolutely gorgeous!
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Awwww they are so cute!
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OMG how small they are and soooooooo cute I have not seen baby kittens for a long time .
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Adorable beyond words! Thanks for letting us watch them grow!
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