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New to this forum

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Hello everyone! I am so glad to have found this forum!
I am from Michigan, and am the Mom of 9 former ferels, who all live inside. I have found that you can turn any ferel into a loving house cat, it just takes lots of patience and love.
The latest ferel came to me at the first snow. They seem to come to my door and I think there's a sign out there somewhere telling them my address. I named my latest cat after the street I live on, and tried to find her owner. It's springtime now, and I've grown to love her, as has everyone else. She was skin a bones when she came, and was defenseless because she was declawed. She only has 2 teeth, and I was told she's about 8 to 10 years old. I'm wondering if she lost her teeth by trying to defend herself, I'll never know. The most important thing is, she is healthy and warm now.
All my cats are neutered or spayed when I find them, and stay indoors. I have many stories to tell you about each and every one that I have taken in, but it would take too much space on here.
I think the most important message I want to tell people is that any ferel cat can be tamed and can fit in to any home. I have a huge white Boxer who used to hate cats. Now he has a favorite cat who sleeps with him and washes his face. Each cat comes into my home wanting to know where they stand with the other's, and it doesn't take long for them to find out.I have one cat who is holding the TOP CAT position in our home, and the other's try to take that position away, but so far to no avail.
I have one cat that I just found out is part Ocelot, and he is the reining King of our household. I call him Pappa Cat, because he teaches each new addition how to use the toilet and cover the food dishes inbetween meals, open doors and knock on doors. He's very very big, and totally black. He wasn't tame when he came to us, but now he sleeps in our bed.
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Welcome to the site! Good to have another Feral Lover on board! Your crew sounds just wonderful. I have a former feral at home too, but we got her as a little kitten, but it sure amazes me how much of that feral instict she still has.
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Mom of 9 Ferels..welcome to the site. We certainly love finding individuals who have tamed feral cats and can provide advice to others who are trying to work with cats in their colony. 9

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Thanks everyone! Yes, I'd be glad to share what I've learned about my ferals...I've got a webpage I made for them, but I will have to replace some of the pictures, as they are too large and don't look right. If you want to see it as it is here's my link:
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Welcome to TCS to you and your former ferals.

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Welcome to you and your family! They are all quite lovely! Thanks for sharing their photos! I would love to know who was selected for the gallery.
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Hi, thanks! This is a nice place to be, and I see I'm not alone around friends don't quite understand why I have soooo many cats!
Cinder-ella, my grey torti was selected for the gallery in Arizona last year. I haven't put that photo on the internet, but I've been thinking about adding it. Actually, I didn't really see why they chose that photo, as I thought the others were much better. The gallery told me how it had to be framed and displayed. People, (established artisits), from all over the world were attending with paintings and photos. I was supposed to attend, but I was unable to because I had just had surgery.
I was really proud that I was selected, because I've only just started taking photos after I couldn't work in my profession any longer, after becoming injured and disabled.
I was just asked to attend a gallery showing in New York, for another photo, but I've declined that one also. I can't travel quite yet, as I am waiting to have more surgery.
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Your site is awsome and I like all your pictures there . My favored pic was the one shot of your dog Rocky with the sun glases , that was to funny
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Thank you! I just tried to go back in and fix a few of the photos I have on there, but I think they're too large, as they are coming out distorted. I have hundreds of photos, and I just keep taking pictures when I see something cute or funny. I just put Cinder-ella's picture on that was chosen for an art gallery last year. My cats actually like taking pictures. One of my cats bats at my camera and picks it up and runs around the house with it, until I take her picture.
Everyone's cats are beautiful on here!
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That's a beautiful picture of Cinderella! She's so unique. Ginger is my favorite. i love the one of her smiling!(or is she singing)
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I've been thinking she's laughing...could be singing? I've been making cards of some of my pictures, and I have her on a few of them as laughing.
Thanks for the nice compliments!
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Check out the great ecards on TCS! There's a hillarious one of a kitty laughing and the card says " really crack me up.."! I laughed and laughed when I saw that one!
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Welcome Your a wonderful person to rescue so many kitties. All of your kitties look so pretty. Riley is one beautiful boy to have been abandoned. He looks very happy now! Bless you all.

Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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Thank you! I couldn't imagine my life without them! They're all wonderful cats.
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Welcome to the site Bless your heart for doing all that you have for the ferels. You truly are an angel
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Oh, my gosh! That's a REAL bobcat! He's so beautiful! How long have you had him? (Thanks for all your nice comments) I have a black cat that I took in 2 years ago, that was extremely wild when he came into our lives. I knew he was unique, and not an ordinary kitty cat when I found him, but it wasn't until recently that I found out he's half Ocelot. A woman that is a rescue worker came over and identified him. she has years of working with animals and had known people who interbreed the Ocelot.
My cat is now a big kitty cat in personality, and even sleeps in my bed, but there's still a bit of wild cat in him. He doesn't meow, he makes growling noises. The most unique part about him is his tongue. It's wide and smooth. His muzzle (nose) is wider that a normal cat, and he's very long, his tail is 20 inches long. He is also very friendly to everyone he meets.
He was neutered when he came to us, so he was loved by someone at some time. Now, he insists on going outside, and will come in when I call his name.
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Wow....Do you have any pictures of the kitty that's half ocelot...hadn't heard of that cross in a while....
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I have a few really nice pictures, but they're too big to put on here, I tried. I even tried cropping them, but still too big. I'll see if I can find one that I can crop down enough to put on here.
He is a very intelligent cat, he opens doors, and teaches the others how to hunt. He also uses the toilet, and has taught each one of the new arrivals how to use it. He covers his food dishes and demands to go outside each morning, and comes back in when I call his name.
If any of the others get outside, I send him out and he corrals them until I can get to them, because he knows they aren't allowed outside.
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Yes, Amber is the real thing We have had her since August of 2003 and she will be 10 months old at the end of April. She is 18 1/2 pounds at the moment, but will grow to approx 30-40 pounds. Her father was 60 pounds. Males tend to be larger however. Amber loves to play in the toilet, but doesn't use it yet. She likes to pee into the bathtub drain and uses the litter box for the other
Yes, I would love to see some pictures of your kitty that is half ocelot. I also have 4 Pixie Bobs, they are domestic cats that are part bobcat. As for you pictures, instead of croping them, try resizing them on the computer. If you need help, I can PM you.
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