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I can't resist: Photos!!

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I can't help it - my kids are just so cute that I wanted to post them here to brag! hahaha

This is Dante when he was about 7 months old. It's hard to get a good photo of him because the flash reflects off of the black on his face and he looks mean! But when I turn the flash off, he wont hold still and I get a blur. hehe But this one is great and really lets you see his personality.

This is Dante's new little sister, Lily. She's actually older than Dante, but about half his size so therefor she's his "little" sister! She and Dante are slowly getting used to each other and we think with time they will be good friends.
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I said it in New Cats, and I'll say it again. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You have every reason to brag and be a very proud Mama!
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Dante looks like a cuddler! He's got a cute face. And I love Lily's coloring.
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Awwwwwwwwww.... thank you!!! We just them so much!!! Even the new one who doesn't quite love us yet - but she'll come around! Dante will show her the ropes.
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Dante is beautiful! I love his face
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Thank you Mamacat! I'll tell him you said so!

The fuzzie wuzzies in your sig line are absolutely ADORABLE too!!! Especially the one of your kitty in the sink. What is it about cats and sinks? Check this out:

He doesn't really fit in the sink anymore, he's too big. But he LOVED it when he was a kitten! Those crazy kitties!
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Dante and Lily are absolutely GORGEOUS -- real sweethearts! No need to apologize for bragging, either!
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Aww they are sweeties
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They are just sooo sweet!!!
Dante has beautiful eyes!!!
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They are GORGEOUS! Dante is awesome!!!

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Your babies are VERY gorgeous, please don't apoligise for bragging, feel free to brag all you want(as long as it involves pictures )
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Dante and Lily are both absolutely beautiful!
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What a pair of cuties.

Love his eyes.
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Here's one I took this weekend of Dante. Yeah, I posed him that way! But he woke up and didn't seem to mind and then went right back to sleep!
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One more, from this weekend. Lily is really showing progress... she's shown more this past week than in the past month! We haven't been doing anything different.... maybe she just finally realized that we mean no harm to her. (Yeppie!)
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You've every right to brag, their a pair of little beauties
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That photo of Dante with the little yellow fella is so cute. He looks really laidback and Lily looks like she's having a good time!!
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They are cute.
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OMG , what cute pics of your baby's
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Dante is so sweet snuggled up with his stuffed animal, and it looks like lily is having lots of fun! So glad she's realizing how much you love her!
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Cute pictures- and lovely cats!
I love the tummy pics in your signature
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Sweet looking cats!!
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Lily and Dante are absolutely beautiful! I also love your signature picture of Dante on his back.

Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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