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Fridays Thread

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We havent had a daily thread here for ages so i'll start one

I've got just under an hour before i finish for the weekend, then i'm off to the gym for an hour.

I'm still seriously thinking about the little playmate for Rosie and it's looking more positive!. I think it's just a case of taking the bull by the horns and then ride the storm, if theres one?!.

Have a good weekend, especially those who will still be at work when i'm at home bathed, fed and watered

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Morning Rosie! I vote on getting the kitten, but then again, look at the size of my household! LOL

It's 9 in the morning here and already went out to set some traps for ferals a few miles from my house. We caught 5 in the colony in the last week, and the property owners don't know how many are left so not sure if we will get anymore. The owner is watching the traps for me today (cool).

I've taken the day off work to get some work around my house. We will have someone in to refinish all the hardwood floors probably next week and getting in some last minute painting before they arrive. My muscles are sore already thinking about having to move all the furniture around. And where oh where do the cats go while all this is in progress?!?!? They won't be happy locked in a room for 3 days at a stretch while this is going on!
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It's foggy this morning. The horses are in high spirits spurred on by the cold and the bite in the air. They were both racing across the pasture- it was such a joy to see Racer keeping up with his buddy.

The Trips are running amuck and Squirrel is joining them in fine style. Looks like an active animal day here at the Millers. I have a lot of computer work to do today. Hoping all is well with everyone here.
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MA - glad to hear that Racer is keeping up with his buddy.

Bills to pay today, isn't that always fun? Just waiting for Jake to get up - he has my flu and he is acting like he is dying. When I had that flu, I was up and cooking dinner because he didn't feel like cooking Men!
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It's 11 am here and it's already been "one of those days"! First, I get a second call this morning from a woman looking for an attorney that resigned 15 years ago. When I told her that despite my search (brought on by her first call), I had been unable to find updated information she said "Well, aren't there [his name] in the phone book?"

Now, I'm not looking for the attorney, she is. But she wants me to call and bother annonymous people who happen to have the same name. Gee, I don't think so.

Then we get an "emergency" call from one of the big bosses who needs certain information RIGHT NOW.


On a better note, I'm going tomorrow to help my pregnant sister in law register for baby stuff, so that should be fun!

And to Susan -- Get the kitten!!
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Morning, Good to see a DT on board!

It's Saturday morning(5 to 7) and I'm just waiting to get picked up for a cat show, taking nanas domestic diamond, it's just over thirty minutes away it will be a nice day without the stress of worrying about our pedigrees. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!

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My vote is for getting a kitten!

I have been so busy at work! I hate not being able to pop on the site all day like I used to. But I guess as a supervisor I better set an example.

Hubby is home sick - he has been off for a few days. I feel a sore throat coming on - I don't want to be sick. I am so tired. Between work, fertility treatments (I am at the doctor's office between 2 to 7 days each week) and issues with my family I don't have any energy left. All I want to do is sleep, but when I lie down I can't because there is so much on my mind!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan on hibernating!
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I will be removing wallpaper! When we moved in, all but two rooms have wallpaper! So now that we plan on moving (either to colorado or just anywhere) we must get it ready. Now as some of you may know....wallpaper and cats DON'T mix! They are "helping" me remove the wallpaper. If anyone has to remove wallpaper in the future I have found the easiest way (besides just hiring someone, lol) you mix 1/3 cup fabric softener, and 2/3 cup warm water, I put it in a spray bottle, but for the larger jobs I will probably just put it in a bucket and sponge it on. You have to remove the top layer first (the one with the design) underneathe is a beige layer and all you do is soak it with the mixture and use a wallpaper scraper and it takes it right off... Smells good too, lol. Later on we are going to my grandparents for dinner.
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It has been raining, since yesterday. A low-pressure system moved up from Mexico and brought a bunch of lousy weather.

Five minutes before quitting time, I got a call from a guy wanting me to walk him through the Internet payment option. It took him 5 minutes just to get to the website! He was copying the address from his statemtn and still couldn't get it right.

Finally, he gets to the site and is able to access his account, on the first try. I told where to click and he got to the payment page OK. He needed to enter his bank's routing number and his bank account number. FOUR TIMES, I told where to find the routing number, on his check. He kept entering the bank account number, instead. He asked ME, "What's my bank account number?" How in the heck, could I know?

After 16 minutes of trying to get it right, I suggested that he call the bank and get the correct numbers. Looking through his account, I saw that someone else did this, with him, last month. NOW I know how tech support people feel. Some people should not be allowed to own computers.

Thank goodness, it's Friday AND a double payday week - VA pension and paycheck. I'm going to practice some retail therapy, this weekend. There's one more twin birthday prezzy to buy, gift wrap, cards and stuffed Easter bunnies. They're too young for Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies but, they can have stuffed toys. Guess I'll just have to eat a chocolate bunny for them. Oh, the things that we do, for our grandkids!
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