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My official hello! :)

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Hey there!
I'm a 25 year old cat lovin' mama who just moved to Nashville Tennessee. MY former roommate and I adopted two BEAUTIFUL kittens (from the same litter) back in January of 2003. We got them from a friend who's female cat had a problem with getting out and coming back preggers, she had already had one litter of 5 and just as they finally got all of the kittens adopted out, she was pregnant with another! She was a very small grey and white tabby, and her second litter was 4 beautiful kittens, 2 girls and 2 boys. We took one of each - and it was clear from the get go that the father must have been siamese because two of the 4 kittens were already starting to develop siamese coloring! (One was long haired with the siamese coloring, SO beautiful! But she went to another loving home.)

Now that I've moved, my boy had to be seperated from his sister. It was more traumatic on ME than it was on him! haha But when we got to our new home, a friend asked us if we would consider adopting her 2 year old cat, because my friend had three LARGE dogs in her home and this cat had been their all her life and never adjusted. So now my little boy has a new sister, who ironically looks a LOT like his previous one! =P

In my signature file *should* be (if I did it right!) photos of my two babies. Lily is our new one and weighs about 7 lbs. She's skiddish and doesn't really trust us just yet, but we're working on it. Dante is the handsome siamese who is up to 14 lbs now! He is the COOLEST cat on the planet! (Don't we ALL think ours is the coolest?!) He plays fetch with me and follows me around the house like a puppy dog. He greets me at the door when I come home, and is on my lap every chance he gets. He stays off the table and counters (Good boy!) and minds me very well. He is so trusting that he will let me do ANYTHING to him. I can clip his nails by just laying him out on my lap. I can put medication down his throat with ease. I even once put a halloween WIG on him and he just sat there with it on his head!!! hahaha! He loves EVERYONE and will sit on the lap of anyone who comes through the door, even the movers who relocated us! He's the sweetest most loving thing I've ever known and I'm so glad he's only 1.5 years old, because I know he'll be around for me to love for a very LONG time!

So there ya go! My kitty story. I'm not obsessed... I swear!!
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Welcome to the site! Dante and Lily are both beautiful kitties! Dante sounds like such a love. Lily will come around, she just needs some more time to adjust and realize what a great family she is with now.

And you are only as obsessed as the rest of us. LOL So I'd say you're in good company.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS...I hope your friend was finally able to get her cat fixed. My 2 lovebugs came out of a similiar situation...only my friend's cat got pregnant a whooping 5 times before she took it to get fixed.

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Unfortunately, we don't know what ever happened to Dante's cat mom. After she had the second litter, she seemed very unhappy. They had kept one male from her first litter, and she began to fight with him and they had to keep them seperated. (He grew to about three times her size, and they were afraid he would hurt her!) Once the kittens from the second litter were on "real" food, she started to ignor them as well and seemed annoyed that they were there. One day, she got out again - and never came back. Her owner was devistated - he was so in love with that cat! He put up flyers all over town but never found her. So although they did have an appointment to get her fixed - she never made it.
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Welcome to TCS to you and your kitties.
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I've seen your cute babies in the Fur Pictures Forum!
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