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OMG!! I Just Got An Amazing Deal!!

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After emailing all of my local veterinarians, SPCA and the humane society, I got help! A nice lady from the Vancouver Humane Society just gave me a call. She explained to me about ferals, trapping them, feeding them etc. Then she gave me awesome news! The Humane Society called my kitties vet, Peter Bajwa, and he is going to speuter, vaccinated, tattoo, eartip and deworm all of my ferals at $20.00 a cat! Even better news, the humane society is going to fully pay for three cats! So my first three cats will be speutered, vaccinated, eartipped, dewormed and tattooed for FREE!

With 10 cats to TNR (more after my bunch are done), I will only have to pay $140.00! Unless one of the ferals has an injury or sickness or if a female is prego! I want to thank EVERYONE who gave me the imformation I needed, especially you Laurie (LDG)!

My first trapping will be tonight and I will take the feral in to be fixed in first thing in the morning. My vet has loads of experience with wild kitties, something I never knew. Please send huge TNR vibes this way!

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That is WONDERFUL news!!!!

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That is great news Tasha! It's really great to know that there is so much support in the Vancouver area for TNR.
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I have never heard of any TNR groups until I talked to Joan. She gave me two phone number to ladies who TNR in my area. She asked me to call them for trapping help. I just might do that!
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Congratulations on the great deal!! The best price I've been able to find for my colony is $50 for girls and $40 for boys. Is this about average you think? Fortunately The Island Cat Allies, the wonderful group I work with has been very helpful! We've been taking them in as the money becomes available!
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I paid $50.00 to get my both of my boys neutered. Spaying is $30.00 and neutering is $25.00. My vet is low cost, so the prices are awesome. He is helping so many shelters by reducing the costs. It's $20.00 for the speuter, vaccinations and tattoo. He really cares more about the animals than he does about money. One time, he slept in a cage with a great dane who had a blood tranfusion. He slept with the dog all night long to make sure he would be okay!

Originally posted by dawnofsierra
Is this about average you think?
All of the other vets I have been to charge about that much. I would say that it is the average cost. Most of my local vets are low cost, which is awesome.

I set the trap tonight, but no luck! The ferals must know I'm up to something...
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Are you trying again tonight? Good luck
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They are so smart, aren't they! Don't worry, tonight will surely be better!! Sounds like you have a wonderful, truly caring vet!
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Holy Cow! How I wish the prices were like that around here - and all over the US (so almost everyone could afford to do it!). Boy, what a dent that would put in the overpopulation problem we have! I paid almost $200 for Trent's neuter and almost $300 for Ophelia's spay....and that doesn't include the vaccinations!
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Go buy some kippered herring. Dribble the juice in a trail leading into the trap and put a few small flakes of the herring in a little trail leading to the back of the trap. Then put a little mound of herring in the very back of the trap...enough for the cat to see that there is lots of this yummy stuff in the back. I have never had a failure using this technique.
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I went to my vet today just to confirm what June at the humane society told me. 3 cats are going to be paid for by the humane society and she gave me number to other places that will FULLY pay for my ferals! I have to call each organization to find out how much cats they will pay for. The places I have to call are:

Aid to Animals - financial assistance with vet bills for low-income people (also funds for feral cats).

Citizens for Pet Population Control - financial assistance with spay/neuter/vet.

Mercy Volunteers - assistance with dog or cat situations.

Pacific Animal Foundation - funds vet bills for low-income people (also funds for feral cats).

Pets in Need - financial assistance with vet bills for low-income people (also funds for feral cats).

I am getting so much help! Pets in Need and Aid to Animals already know about my situation, I just have to call them to see how many cats they will pay for!

Okay, I am going to set the trap again tonight. Lotsocats, I bought some kippered herring today like you suggested. I was using a sardine/tuna mixture, but I thought the reason they weren't coming was because it was too cold outside. The mixture was almost frozen! It's supposed to be much warmer tonight, so hopefully I will trap one! The vet is anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first capture!

Wish me luck!


If there is anyone in BC that's needs help, let me know and I can give you some phone numbers!
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Any luck trapping last night? I can't wait to hear how it went.
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I had 5 cats up on my sundeck last night! The only one that went is was Boots, but he just went to the edge of the trip and didn't step on it! Smart little buggers! Patches, Lilly, Boots, Monster and one I have never seen were investigating the trap. Maybe tonight someone will go in!

I called those places today and this is what I got:

Vancouver Humane Society will pay for 3

Aid to Animals will pay for 3

A lady name Joany will pay for 2

And I will pay for 2

Woo hoo! All of my ferals will be fully paid for except 2 of them! Joany told me to buy some pink salmon for the trap, she said it always works for her! Wish me luck!
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That is truly amazing that the various groups are helping to pay for all but two. Incredible!
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Just a couple of questions... What is the best time of day to set the trap? My ferals come between 8:00PM and 3:00AM. Boots and Lilly sometimes show up in the daylight. Would it be best to set the trap before 8:00? Maybe at 7:30? That way it will be ready when they start coming.
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How fantastic these wonderful groups are assisting financially! I'm excited to hear how trapping goes tonight!
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The trap is baited and set! A new feral was beside it, but it was too scared to go in. I am using STINKY pink salmon. I'll update you soon!
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Wow that so great luck came your way! I was happy to find out that the shelter I just started working at will do neuters for $5 and spays for $10 and they have clinics once a month. I am so happy because now I can neuter the big black and white stray kitty that I have been feeding. Plus however many more come along!
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