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SuzyKat to get 2 ops tomorrow

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Little SuzyKat is one year old.
She is a white long hair kitty with one blue eye and one gold eye.
She is getting 2 operations tomorrow.
She has a very large ear polyp in one of her ears.
She will have that removed plus she will also be getting spayed.
I am worried about her as I do all the kitties when they go to get spayed/neutered or undergo any surgery.
Please pray for her. I love her very much and dont want to lose her.
She is a very sweet and loving little girl.
Love and Life,
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Sending good vibes that SuzyKat will be just fine
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Sending good healing vibes that she'll be fine.
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oooo poor baby - sending lots of healing vibes
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Sending lots of positive healing vibes to SuzyKat. Please post an update and let us know how she is doing.
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SuzyKat is in my thoughts and prayers. I wish her a safe surgery and a fast recovery.
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Aww bless her she sounds so sweet

((((((((Get well soon SuztKat)))))))))
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*****Healing vibes from Pipsqueek and Frantic (and me)*****
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SuzyKat is doing good.
She had her surgeries and is recovering very nicely.
We got a surprise though.
She had a second polyp in her throat that was very large.
If it has grown too much larger it would have suffocated her.
Her ear is much better without that horrible growth in it and her breathing is much better too with the polyp gone from her throat.
She came through the spay very very well. She is healing very nicely with no sign of infection or even any redness or swelling like some of the other girls have experienced.
She was most happy to get back home though. None of the kitties like to leave home ever. They are a bunch of old home bodies...just like me.
SuzyKat and I thank you again for all you loving support.
I will try and post a picture of her. I don't know if it will post though. It might be too big.
Love and Life,
Ps. Oops the file was too large. I will try and post it again tomorrow when I come back over to my daughters house.
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Great News!!

She'll be back to normal in no time flat.

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