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question on job app

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I had my interveiw today. It was only 5 minutes, a preliminary interview. I think it went ok, but it's kind of hard when it was only 5 minutes. He asked me which position I was interested in, and I told him. They either had office staff (starting at $13.50, which does accounting, etc, similar to an admin asst, or management.... which they were willing to train ... but, I am not sure about management ... not even sure I'd be a good one, but how do I know, if i've never been one, you know?)
Anyways, on my application, they asked for the year & make of my car and plate number. Why would they ask for something like this? :scratch Their building is kind of in a ghetto area of Phoenix, so maybe that is why? ... no take that back, it IS ghetto... 24th st and Van Buren ... And for those of you who dont live in Phoenix, parts of Van Buren are hooker areas.
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Most of the time when a place of employment asks for your auto info it's for parking.

Good luck!
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Usually is for parking..they do the same when you apply for an apartment around here so they know what you drive and can keep tabs on who is parking there that doesnt belong.
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Maybe they are getting applicants that don't have reliable transportation and want to make sure that you have a way to get to work???? Just my thought.
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Where I work, Security keeps a database of makes, models and plate #s. Unauthorized (non-employees) cars are towed. In addition, they can let someone know if they left their lights on or if their vehicle is damaged.
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