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Originally posted by Kittyfoot
Y'know...when I first saw this thread's name I thought maybe you ladies were setting up some kind of eBay thing. You know..I'll bid 3 cats for him..no,three cats and a kitten. :LOL: :LOL:

HAHAHA!!!!!!!! You are TOO funny, Wayne!!! Thanks for giving me a good laugh!!!

Nite....I'm not sure what you mean by women are the nurturing ones, and men are the hunters. No offense, but this is 2001.
All I am trying to say is that I LOVE a man with a big sensitive cat loving heart....and I don't think it means he is gay.

My hubby is one of those big macho manly me types...and he traps for sport...coon, fox, beaver, mink, etc...and although I HATE this...I know it is something he loves, and he makes money at, and I cannot stand in his way, although I have protested till I am blue in the face... but I have also seen this man cuddle my cat, Merlin, on his lap, and look at him with loving eyes, and I it touches my heart, because I know that through his tough exterier, his heart is big, and he does love my cats!
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Well, night. You have one cat and I'm assuming you're not gay. I don't know. I think that men with big dogs have a big complex and are somewhat gay on the inside. I'm more apt to lable a man with 2 big big dogs as gay rather than a man with 5 cats. Hmm... I'm a single woman with one really big dog and 4 cats... what does that make me? (other than desperate) hehehe just kidding. Most of my guy friends have at least one animal or another. It seems the majority of them own cats, and they're not gay, as far as I know. And in my expierence with gay man, you don't need to look at their cat quota to tell if they're gay or not.
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Good answer AlloWeyo!
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I'd be more inclined to think of a guy with a dog like a Yorkie to be gay than any number of cats.
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I don't think a man should be considered gay if he has a dozen cats and talks baby talk to all of them! That is ridiculous! I know plenty of hetero men that have multiple cats!
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I was just wondering how many men post messages to this site. I'm a new members but I got the impression that we're mostly women. Am I wrong?

As for the poll... I have this impression that men are more into dogs and women into cats, but this is a general statement. I think that women usually are more into animals in general, maybe we are more into taking care of someone else, be it a person or an animal.
Or maybe it's just that people love more dogs than cats! At least as far as I know. Seems like cats are thought of as too independent and egotist. Wrong!!!

Anyway... to come to the point: though I'm a lesbian, I'm no dog person. I adore cats. Had a dog for a while but didn't get along very well with her. My girlfriend Anna, on the contrary, adores both cats and dogs.
Of course a man can have as many cats as he wants; the more, the better!

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Being gay and having cats are like apples and oranges. One has nothing to do with the other.:rainbow:
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I think it's one thing to joke about the stereotypes. It can be a way of laughing at ourselves and talking about something that can be difficult without getting deep.

But that doesn't mean we take it seriously!

At least, I don't believe any of us actually thinks a person's dating preference has anything to do with our choice of pets. Unless you live in a place where you get beaten up and need a big dog for protection. Though that isn't limited to sexuality!

You're pretty brave, too, to just tell us you're a lesbian. I know things aren't as uptight as they used to be, but that's still fairly personal information and it could have been controversial.
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I don't think I'm brave, actually, it's just the way I live my life. I never throw it in the face of anybody but I like to be visible when I have the chance to be. And I think cat loving people cannot be discriminating and intolerant , at least I hope so!!

I think everybody has their own sterotypes and prejudice to deal with, and I am no exception, even if I myself am part of a minority.
I really think things have been getting much better in the last years (I don't know what will happen now, with Berlusconi here in Italy, and Bush in the US) and I'm getting to know so many gay girls and women in my own city - which is otherwise known for its bigotry. I have never been discriminated against, I must say, so maybe sometimes I tend to think that things are better than they actually are. I know some people have really a hard time after they choose to come out.

Well, at least cats seem not to mind the sexual orientation of their owners!

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My Husband in his bachelor days , Pre me and family had three . Roxane (the first) Tiny and U2 (named after his fav band)
Thats why I married him to expand my cat family
We hit the floor with 5 cats I ferret (Jean-Luc) 1 Possum (Fred) and 2 Dogs Bonny and Banjo


Love forever Roxane, U2 ,Tiny, Midnight,Jean-Luc , Cosmo and Bonny. We will never forget you.
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