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I would like to tell you I'm sorry that you were offended by my post but the truth is I'm not. I am sorry that you don't understand what was done wrong. I'm also sorry that this board isn't what I expected. I certainly wasn't expecting a board that coddled stupidity. Am I harsh? I suppose so....but then so is seeing hungry/dying/pregnant STRAYS (not ferals) that at some point in the cats life someone could have broken the cycle. Unfortunatley, in this cats case, it wasn't

You wanted to know what I would have done at 9pm? I would have put her in my spare bedroom/basement/bathroom... whatever.. Boyfriend doesn't understand??? IMO, he's not worth the worry.
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I don't understand how you can say the cycle hasn't been broken in Lola's case. She was pregnant when I first took her to my neighbor but rather than having her kittens out in the neighborhood she's now in my house, where she will deliver her kittens and be cared for until they are all spayed/neutered and re-homed. If that isn't breaking the cycle I don't know what is. Chance, Charity & her 3 kittens, and Lola and her impending litter have all been taken in by me, altered, and re-homed. I can't even calculate the number of unwanted kittens that have been prevented by my hand.

I'm sorry that you feel the need to take your anger out on me. I feel good about the work that I've done with the strays in my neighborhood and I'm not going to let you change that. Anyone that knows me knows what a kind heart I have and that I've already done more than most to help the homeless animals in my area. Maybe you need to reconsider what the avg person would have done in my position (ie not even given a stray cat a second glance) before you start berrating me for the efforts I've made.

In my experience a good person doesn't need to put out another's flame to make their's glow brighter. Luckily for me most of the people here at TCS are supportive, caring and helpful. If this doesn't describe you and you are as disappointed by the positivity and camaraderie that you've found here as you say you are, perhaps TCS just isn't for you. I wish you luck in finding a forum that will meet your expectations.

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Heidi, I'm so glad that despite the varying opinions and the way some of them have been expressed that you still feel good about the work you've done with the strays in your area. You should.

However, I also want to add - I think there's a huge distinction between "stupidity" and lack of experience. I don't agree with Shereen that any of us here are coddling stupidity.

Heidi, I don't think your decisions were stupid. We all have different priorities in our lives. I don't think you made a stupid decision in turning out Lola as opposed to turning out your boyfriend. Perhaps you have a garage, but if that didn't occur to you, I don't consider you stupid. Maybe it did occur to you, but it's a dangerous place for kitties! We have a relationship with our vet that would enable us to call them, have someone meet us there, and we could drop off the cat. That, however, is indicative of someone doing "volume" business. For the "non-intensive" rescuer, that's not often an option. Personally, I would have had Lola spayed before attempting to adopt her out, but again, that's not something that occurs to someone fairly new to rescue. It is exactly things like this that we learn over time. However, in this case, as it turns out, Lola was already pregnant! The vet would have informed you of this, and we'd be exactly where we are.

I don't expect everyone that comes here to be focused only and solely on stray or feral cats, and to make them the priority over all other issues in their lives. I hope I can help people avoid the mistakes I did and make informed decisions based on the knowledge I've gained over time. And I congratulate anyone that has a heart and wants to make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.

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