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New mommy & the litter box

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So... Casey's got 2 five-day-old kittens. We moved her into a room where the other cats can't go with a brand new litter box. She had it for a few days before the babies were born, but she wouldn't use it, she kept going to the litter box she used before. She hasn't been using litter boxes very long, because she was a feral cat until we took her in, but she will use them.

Now she's closed in with her own, in own room. First, she scratched out nearly all the litter onto the floor (but still wouldn't use it) and peed on the floor. I should mention that she had a cat bed and a box to choose from for kitten delivery, but she chose the litter box and just peed on the floor.

I got a new covered litter box so she wouldn't make such a mess and she moved the kittens into it! ....and peed on the floor.
I bought a crate, thinking it was the darkness she liked and she moved them back to the litter box! I gave up, cleaned out the litter box, (let her move in with kittens) put regular litter in an open box and she's purring VERY LOUDLY!! Its cramped in there, though, and I'm afraid she's going to lay on one of her kittens. WHAT IS UP WITH HER? ....Oh.... and I should mention, she's STILL peeing on the floor. HELP!!!


I'll try changing the litter.
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I had kinda the same problem a year ago with a feral cat. After we sawed a hole in the wall of our house to get her and the kittens out I put her in the garage, so she moved them into the storage room behind some boxes. When I moved them out she did it again, so I thought, she is feral and is trying to hid them. So this is what yours is trying to do, but you have them in a room and the covered box is the only place to hide.
About the litter box, I would just get a large/long plastic box, the kind you slide under a bed (Walmart has them) and use the same litter she is used to but mix it with used litter from the other cats. She was sharing a box before right? That is what she likes. ALso when the kittens get older you will need that long litter box because she will be teaching them how to use it and they need to be able to get in it.
Good luck,
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I would give her the old litter pan and give the others the other pan and uncover it. Most ferals don't like to use a litter pan where they can't see enemies approaching, plus she needs to see her kittens.

So either try uncovering the pan and see if she will use it, (you can always flip the top over, place soft bedding inside and use it for the kitten's temporary bed. Or just give her the old litter pan and the others one get the new one (uncovered though) and see how that goes.
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