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Sally spayed today

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I took Sally in to be spayed today. They do this at the Animal Control Shelter the first Thursday of every month for a reasonable fee. However, while we are there, this dog is carrying on like there is no tomorrow (big dog from the sounds of him) and Sally was shaking so bad that I could feel her thru the carrier. I get to pick her up at 6pm, but have to run my oldest son to a cub scout meeting at 6:30 so I wont be there for her at all when she first comes home. I know she will be pretty sedated (Sam was when he came back) but I already feel horrible about leaving her there all alone and I know every bit of trust we have established is going to be gone when she gets back. Would she be okay if I just left her in her box until I got home? I know Sam kept falling and walking drunk like when he got home and with her leg as it is Im afraid she will really hurt herself. I will be soooo happy when she is back home. All I have done today is worry and cry.
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She will be fine, she will be shocky for a bit when you get her home, and just put her in a small room that is quiet and dark, and has very little for her to jump up on. If you can, get a tee shirt wet with your perspiration, and just put it in the room on top of soft bedding in a cardboard box, for her to sleep on. Your scent will comfort her. They usually don't want to go back into the carrier to sleep even if you prop the door open, but they do love a cardboard box on its side draped with a blanket to resemble a cave. She will be thirsty and hungry, just follow the vet's instructions for after care and watch her incision for signs of intense swelling or drainage.

Please don't cry, cats are resiliant, if she could, she would thank you for not having her go through the uncomfortable periods of heat cycles and the stress of being a new mom.
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She has a washbasket that she's claimed..I flipped it on its side and I found a shirt from the laundry thats not been washed yet (its so cold right now I couldnt work up a sweat if I tried!). Since I sent her blanket with her, I guess I can just transfer her and the blanket to the washbasket when she gets home. I paid the extra $20 for a pain shot that is supposed to last awhile longer than the anesthetic. She was in heat or getting close to it because she was up all nite meowing like mad and I had a whole flock of tomcats staking the house out the last few days.

I worry so much about her, shes still pretty scrappy looking and shes so frail. She has gained alot of weight since I've had her--her sides aren't all sunken in and her paws and ears have finally healed from the frostbite she had when I got her. I even noticed the other nite that her fur is starting to get a shine and its not as dry feeling as it was. We get through this and we ought to be doing pretty good.
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She is lucky she has fallen into your care.
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Thanks, I hope she still feels that way when she comes home. Sam on the other hand is living it up. I figured he would miss her but hes been running around here like "Whoopeeeeeee I am king of the castle again!!!" Hes so rotten
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Well shes back and none too pleased! I know its pain that shes in and probably the anesthetic too. She hissed and snarled at Sam, then launched claws first at my youngest son when he went to the bathroom tonite. I am the only one shes not smacking around and hollering I have her closed up in the bathroom, its the smallest room in the house and also the warmest. I put a makeshift litter pan in there, which shes used and some food and water and I put one of my shirts under the food bowl as well as in her basket. Shes just majorly grouchy(not that I blame her)--hopefully she will be better by morning.
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Keep her isolated for at least 24 hours maybe longer. She may not feel up to company either feline or human for awhile. Glad she is home.
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It says on the paper at least 12 hours, but I want to keep her closed in as long as possible. Sam and Sally are sitting on each side of the door "talking" to each other now so hopefully when she does come out they won't start in fighting again like they did when she first came here. I went in just a few minutes ago (for necessary reasons) and I talked to her and petted her on her head for a few minutes, but I want to just leave her alone and let her rest. When they were calling off the numbers of people whose cats had problems, I realized I was holding my breath and praying that my number wouldnt be called.

I am so glad to have her home again!!!
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One tip: Put a bit of vanilla extract on both Sally and Sam under their chins, at the base of their necks on their back, and at the base of their tails on their back. Even though they have been separated, they still may not recognize each other by scent yet. Sally smells very differently both to herself and to Sam, and to them it's a whole new cat that they are smelling! The vanilla fakes them into smelling the same again, even if it's not the same as before she left. Especially if she was in heat before the spay, she smells REALLY different to Sam.

I would also watch them really closely for a little while after you release her back into the household. They may be fine, but since she spent time on her own protecting herself, she may be more defensive about him approaching her. She knows she is vulnerable and will do whatever it takes to protect herself if she feels he is a threat. If they posture again, especially if they get in attack position, don't hesitate to separate them for a while longer.
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OMG I got up this morning and the bathroom was a disaster area..Sally was obviously very busy all nite. She threw litter and food all over, dumped her water bowl, tore the toilet paper up (3 rolls total), pulled all the towels off the shelves, and shredded my shower curtain. I figure she was really angry that she was shut up in the bathroom or had a really good time! I didn't think to "cat-proof" the entire area because I thought she would just sleep all nite.

Anyways, while I was standing there in shock at her work, she got out of the bathroom. Sam ran right up and sniffed at her, but neither of them hissed. Sally went into the kitchen for food (where its normally at) and Sam followed and checked her out all over then started licking her head. She's been eating okay and hasnt thrown anything up and has been sleeping in the basement on one of her blankets. No one has been really bothering her. I was down there earlier and pet her for awhile and she's being decent to everyone today.

One more question though...She was in heat when I took her in and is still meowing and sticking her behind in the air and rolling around like she was yesterday that normal? How long will she continue to do that?
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Just like with males being neutered after coming of age, I'm sure it takes a while for all of the hormones to get out of her system. I know with males it can take up to a month (I think that's what I read....), so I would think this would be normal for a while after the spay.
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Sounds like Sally had a great time in your bathroom last night! She probably got bored. I am glad to hear she is doing great
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A month or so can't be all that bad lol...Shes spent all day in the basement, I keep going down and checking on her to make sure shes still breathing and getting around okay..shes been going potty because the litter box downstairs needed cleaned. Its quiet down there and away from the kids so Im pretty sure thats why she chose to stay there.

I got my bathroom back to normal after about an hour and a half..its amazing what one small bored/mad kitty can do!! jeez
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Glad to hear Sally is doing fine!
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I just went down to check on Sally again and to see if she wanted some food. I had to carry her up the stairs very carefully, Im so afraid I will hurt her or stretch her the wrong way. She got about halfway up and sat down looked at me and meowed like "help!!". I feel so bad for her. She is eating right now. Should I just move her bowls downstairs too? Will she feel like she has been banned to the basement? Im sure she enjoys the peace and quiet down there, but I dont want her to think I dont care that shes not up here with everyone else..ack, Im such a worry wart.
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You really shouldn't let her climb stairs, she could tear her inner sutures. The sheet of paper your vet sent home with you should have told you this. I would take her out of the basement and put her in the main house and shut the basement door. If their pans are down there, move them to in front of the closed door temporarily. But she really shouldn't be climbing anything-
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Good Luck with Sally...sending her "heal" vibes.

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How is Sally doing? I hope she's okay!

Lots of *healing vibes* to her!
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No, the instructions from the vet just said to check the area daily and to keep them shut up for 12 hours and not to let them lick the site...

She seems to be feeling alot better today, I havent picked her up or anything but she has been laying around and purring alot. She's really really friendly now, which is strange because she was one of those "just feed me and leave me alone" types of cats. But Im not complaining on that one. She goes to the vet in a week for more shots and I am going to have them both chipped.
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