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What is She Trying to Say?

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hey everyone. my new cat (1-2 year old, from humane soicety, spayed), Frankie sometimes makes a warbling sound. its not really a meow but not a cry. Is this indicating something? Is she scared? Or is this just a sounds cats make. Thanks.
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It could be a lot of things, some cats just talk, others alert you they want to play, or they are hungry, or they have just brought in a trophy you need to inspect. Some cats cry because they are lonely, or they are hurt. You just have to look at the situation and figure out what if anything the cat wants or if she is just a talker.
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thank you are very helpful.
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MIne's a talker and chirper. He just randomly starts up both. I have taken to meowing back. The look on his face is priceless when I start.
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Rosie makes those noises to me all the time, especially in the morning when i'm getting dressed for work. But the strange thing is, she doesn't really do it on a weekend, even if i go into town.

It's as if she knows i'll only be gone a couple of hours!
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Dori makes that chirping noise when I play with the laser pointer. It is the weirdest noise. Her mouth moves so fast, the first time I saw her do it I thought she was have some sort of seizure or something. She also sits in the window and makes similiar chirping sounds when she sees a person walking their dog. It's just like she is barking. She is a very vocal kitty anyway. When I come home from work she seems to talk to the most as if to tell me what went on while I was out.
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thanks everyone; i appreciate it. i still havent' totally figured her out yet but that will come with time. she does do it more when i just get home. so maybe she isjsut telling me what went on.
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My cat sounds like a videogame from the early 80's. I've been keeping track of the noises he makes and I've found they're quite consistant.

He makes a trill just before he jumps on me; it's kind of a warning. He has a standard squeak when he's glad to see me. He'll raise that a few notes when he's really glad to see me or he's about to get fed. He drops that sound down to a whisper when I'm petting him. He has an inquisitive meow when he sees something at the window or wants to climb into or on something. He'll make the same noise when he's confused or afraid, only much louder. He makes a short frustrated "meow" when he isn't getting what he wants. This is the only sound he makes that sounds like a regular cat's meow.

These are sounds I've heard when I knew why he's vocalizing. About half the time he'll be walking around the house making one or more of these noises for no apparent reason. He's not trying to communicate anything to me so I honestly think he's just vocalizing what he's thinking about, kind of like talking to himself.
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