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This is terrible!

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Teacher chokes boy with string
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First let me preface what I am about to say by saying I grew up around teachers, my mom was a teacher for over 30 years.

But..on this topic....have all of you, as I have, memories of a sadistic teacher, who in hindsight, you wonder why the hoo-ha heck they were allowed around kids? I do...6'th grade, lunch room...tall, strong teacher who liked to pinch rowdy boys along their collarbones..hard until they were practically was his way of reprimanding, it was upsetting to watch him as he also smiled the entire time he did this, each time
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I am one of those lucky ones that had great teachers in all my years of education, so it is hard for me to fathom that some would be so mean.
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2 comments on this story:

First - what a sadistic old man to even THINK of punishing a child (student or his own!) in that manner! And for it to have left bruises - holy cow!

Second - this goes back to something they told us in college (I think) about discipline in the classroom. Don't make threats unless you can and will follow through. It is about credibility as an authority figure. If you tell a kid that you'll tape his mouth shut if he talks again - bring the tape! So, since the teacher told the kid "I'll strangle you if you don't do your homework" he probably felt he had to carry through with the threat. But who in their right mind (a) makes a threat like that to a 7 year old, and (b) even if you made the threat, what kind of person carries through to that extent? I could have seen it if he had playfully put his hand around his throat - loosely, like barely actually touching.

Also makes you wonder, what forms of punishment had this man used before in the classroom that didn't get reported or leave a mark? The story said that another adult in the building noticed that the child was putting water on his bruises on his neck. The kid didn't report it.
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Originally posted by valanhb
If you tell a kid that you'll tape his mouth shut if he talks again - bring the tape! .

I think this is horrible! If the string was stronger it could have easily killed the boy by breaking his neck. Second, we have something going on out here, a teacher had taped the childrens mouths shut if they talked. Then they went on and never told any parents about it, the parents found out through the news, just think about watching the news and finding out your child had his mouth taped shut! Sometimes I really do believe that some people become teachers just to be horrible to kids. I am not saying most teachers, not even a large number, I have had some great teachers in my school days! This is just a sick man, who would do that to anyone just because they didn't do their homework, if I were to be strangled everytime I didn't do it I would probably be dead! I mean come on, it is common for a kid to not do their homework every now and then!
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I remember one of my college professors was a psycho. I heard stories of him throwing erasers at students and one time flipped over a table because no one knew the answer to a question. When I finally had a class with him, he never got crazy but he was definately intense. He just got married at the time, and we were all thankful that his wifey apparently calmed him down!
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The guy quite simply shouldn't be teaching. Ditto anybody who would tape children's mouths shut. I've been teaching half my life, and there are better ways to deal with kids who don't do their homework. You ask them if they've become so attached to you that they're doing their best to have to repeat the year. You express your puzzlement over the fact that they're not embarrassed about not being able to answer simple questions in front of the entire class. You shrug your shoulders and say that you don't mind having less to correct, and that you don't benefit from homework assignments (you'd rather do something else in the evening) - the pupils do. You go over the homework orally, give each pupil a chance to give his or her answer, and move on to the next kid with a sigh when no answer is forthcoming. You don't take it as a personal affront if a kid is lazy or misbehaves, because no matter how hard you try, or how often you talk to parents, you're not going to get 100% from every kid you teach. If a kid is flunking, you make suggestions on how to improve grades. If the kid is hopeless (and some are, unfortunately), you make it clear that it doesn't mean they are worthless as a person, but that they simply have other talents they should try to develop. Physical threats should have no place in schools.
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The extremes that this teacher went to just floor me. Having the student stand on the chair and doing a mock hanging enough to bruise the throat? Gad! I had nothing but respect for all my teachers when I was in school. I am still in contact with one that I was a student teacher's aid for two years in high school! The only time I ever encountered a freaky teacher was in college. My English Lit professor swore that every night aliens landed on her house and slid down the chimney taking her away to experiment on her. We finally ended up reporting her to the Dean. But this one teacher needs counseling for his anger problems- what a creep! And that poor child, how damaging is this going to be for him?
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Hissy - I am in touch with one of my teachers too - he found me not too long ago from Hong Kong and it was so awesome, its nice to be in touch with people who were once your mentors - I know he was.
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Thursday, April 1, 2004 Posted: 9:48 AM EST (1448 GMT)

NEWARK, New Jersey (AP) -- A substitute teacher is accused of using a string to choke a 7-year-old student who had not done his homework.

Albert Coleman, 59, is accused of slipping a string around the child's neck and drawing it tight, police said.

He was fired by the Newark school district, and police charged him with aggravated assault following Monday's incident at the Elliott Street School.

A Newark Public Schools spokeswoman said the incident happened to the second-grader at an after-school program and said the teacher was terminated immediately.

Authorities said Coleman reportedly told the boy that he was going to strangle him if he didn't do his homework. When the boy didn't, police said, Coleman had the boy stand on a chair.

He then took the string attached to the ceiling light and tightened it around the boy's neck and released it, authorities said.

Police said the boy left the classroom and was seen by a school secretary putting water on his bruised neck

What a sick SOB!!
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OK, I used a very bad example... The point was (supposed to be) that as a teacher you can't threaten something that you can't carry out. Basically, even the threat of strangling the boy was too far, but actually doing it is criminal. I'm glad he was charged with assault.

(BTW, the story I was relating was in reference to one particular incident that involved a high school student who constantly talked in class. The teacher in frustration made the "tape your mouth shut" threat. When he talked again the next day, she grabbed the scotch tape and did it. The whole class, including the student being taped, were in stitches laughing, but he did tone down the talking after that. It wasn't a daily thing, it was a one time incident that was based on the relationship the teacher had with the student in question, and an ongoing problem.)
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This takes me back to what happened in Term Three last year. We had a PE Teacher with a glass eye and he was standing taking the roll, and my class mates and I were just running around(we were in the gym) kicking a ball and I kicked it and it went straight to the teacher and it knocked out his glass eye, it went rolling across the floor, he went and got it and started screaming at me YOU little B*tch, do you know how much that's worth and then he pulled my arm really hard, some students ran out of the room to tell the principal, I just laughed at the teacher. Some students told their parents and their parents rang up and complained, and the man was fired. Not a very nice experience.
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Oh how times change! I do not advocate threatening or abusing children but when I was in school (wow how long ago is that)physical punishment was the norm. I was never smacked at school or anything but had plenty of class mates who got caned by the headmaster. We had one particular teacher who would threaten with a slipper! He never actually hit anyone but the threat was enough to make small 11 year old boys cry. Funnily enough every kid wanted to be in his class. Oh to have had a fifties childhood!!!!!!!!!!
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My 6th grade teacher would throw blackboard erasers at you if you werent paying attention and he was notorious for it. They would never hit a kid, but would land on the desk with a loud smack and scare the crap out of anyone sitting nearby.

I am sooooo glad that was not my child that was choked with a string because I would probably be sitting in jail right now. How dare that man touch any child like that. I'm glad he was charged with assault, but I think the charges could have been alot more, if I were the parent of that child I would be raising heck that they make it something more than just assault. The teacher could have also crushed the boys larynx (sp) and caused serious permanent damage if not killed him. To me that was stupid and reckless and totally irresponsible.
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No offence but please can we keep this board for chat about cats and sometimes, may be, other animals?
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Originally posted by Spitfire
No offence but please can we keep this board for chat about cats and sometimes, may be, other animals?
But this is the IMO forum! This is where anything you want can be put up for debate and opinion.

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The IMO forum is for any debate that is not related to cats so they won't be in the lounge - some topics are too heavy for the general public, especially those who do not want to be involved. Now people can have the choice to come in the IMO forum or not.
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When I was a junior in high school, I was unfortunate enough to be sick with the flu for two weeks. When I came back, my math teacher yelled at me and told me that from now on he was ORDERING me to come to school no matter how sick I was. He then went on to tell me that I was an idiot! My IQ happens to be 165, so I'm no idiot and he knew it. I dropped his class, and to my graduating day he still gave me dirty looks all the time.
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