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Haven't Been Here for a Bit--Good News

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I haven't been on for a while, been really busy looking at houses and such and going to the doctor. I've been going to the doctor because my husband and I finally received good news. We're pregnant! We've been trying for so long and it's finally here!

I can't wait to have Toes out here and have the baby. We're going to be one big happy family.
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YEA!! Saw this in my PM box first and am so excited for you! Congratulations from me, Peaches, Hallie, Jake, Carmella and Henrietta!!
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Congratulations!!! Wishing you and your husband all the best.
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Ericka - how exciting!!! Congratulations to both of you!!!
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Congrats gal! Sounds like you have been busy!
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Awwww, Congratulations!
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ROTFL at hissy!

CONGRATS Ericka- that's so exciting!
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Congrats from me and the kids!!!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful news. What is your due date?
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Aawww Ericka, Congratulations!!! Before you know it, you'll be hearing the little pitter-patter of feet running down the hall chasing the kitties. Haha! "No, not the tail! Let go of my tail, kid!". I wish you the best.
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Thanks guys! I don't have an official due date, but we figure it'll come around the middle of November. DH thinks it's twin girls. LOL. We'll have to wait to find out though, because I'm only 8.5 weeks.

That's funny about the tail. Toes has a huge fluffy tail that sticks up all the time when he walks so I'm sure that's exactly what will happen.
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What awesome news!! Congratulations are in order. Congrats Ericka
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That is fabulous news! You must be so excited! I wish I was as lucky as you are in the baby department.
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Adymarie, this took us nearly 2 years so don't give up. Or maybe you should, after giving up was when I finally got pregnant (and the only thing we were doing was keeping me off teratrogenic drugs--bad for the baby drugs). I went back on them and I got pregnant almost immediately so I had to go right back off. LOL
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